Zebra Sarasa 3+S 3 Color 0.5 mm Gel Ink Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Orange Body

Zebra Sarasa 3+S 3 Color 0.5 mm Gel Ink Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Orange Body

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Just recently released from Japan in late 2007, The Sarasa line has gained the favor of gel pen lovers in Japan and the US. The designs of the pens are always thoughtful, including useful characteristics like a binder clip that can clip on to thick objects. Most importantly though, the pen writes very smooth, consistent lines.

The Sarasa 3+S writes the same beautiful gel lines like the rest of the Sarasa family, but in a multi pen form! It is very rare to find a nice gel multi-pen (like the Hi-Tec-C Coleto), moreover one with a pencil in it. This multi-pen is the perfect counterpart to the Zebra Clip-On ballpoint multi pen. It has a black, red, blue pen AND 0.5 mm mechanical pencil! Plus its bodies come in different color hues to suit your preference.

Note: A little bit of force is needed to remove the ink refills.

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This *is* my pen. I bring...
March 5, 2009
Verified Purchase
This *is* my pen. I bring it everywhere with me, and keep a backup as well.

The line is ultra-thin, and completely *solid.* It photocopies perfectly.

This pen excels at detail: *schematic work,* *logging,* and *annotation.* The small line means that you can fit in entire paragraphs between lines of print-out, or clearly record small log records with great information density. When working with diagram and schematic, you can modulate size cleanly, with no loss of quality. Because red, blue, and black are quickly available, you never have to reach for another pen -- until you want something in bold text.

I have never used the pencil, and wish instead that I could use green in its place. However, if you are exclusively doing schematic work, I can see how the pencil would be invaluable: You can pencil in how things should be, correct mistakes, and then pen in afterward, all without moving your hand from the drawing surface.

My only serious complaints is with the eraser: It is tiny, and only a small portion of it is usable without actually removing the eraser from the top of the pen.
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I've used this pen daily...
July 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
I've used this pen daily for about three-quarters of a year. The line is always even, smooth, and thin and never skips, down to the last drop of ink (in fact, I often wind up replacing the ink before it stops writing just because I'm worried that it'll run out before I have a chance to swap in a new stick). The ink goes pretty fast, but the refills aren't particularly expensive ($25.00 of ink has lasted me around 8 months with daily use for taking notes about three-quarters of that time). The erasers go fast too, so buy some extras, especially if you don't use a separate eraser for big corrections.

One problem: The ink does not go well with Moleskine paper. I've had to tuck extra little pieces of binder paper to put between the pages when I close it, because the ink takes *forever* to dry. As in, it can still smudge a good minute and a half after you write it. I've never had trouble with it drying on any other paper besides that notebook, though.

Also, the clip broke off of mine after about five months--I just picked it up one day and it fell off. It still works just fine except for the fact that I can't clip it to anything anymore, which is a bit annoying.

I took off one star for the clip and the dry time on Moleskine paper, but in general I love this pen, and for the price, it's a bargain.
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So I now own 3 multi...
February 23, 2012
Verified Purchase
So I now own 3 multi pens - this one, the uniball signo MF3, and the Staedtler Multi 3 (works exactly the same as the newer Staedtler avant garde models).The zebra sarasa 3+s has a bunch of features, yes, but the body is really fat which makes it uncomfortable to hold, almost unusable. Also the ballpoint tips are really pointy if that makes sense, which makes writing not that smooth. The binder clip is a really cool feature and the pen is attractive overall. The gel ink sets down a nice dark thick line with very saturated color but as with any gel ink it can smear if you touch it before it dries. I much prefer the uniball signo MF3 - as it is thinner and writes more smoothly.
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I love the way this pen...
June 13, 2008
Verified Purchase
I love the way this pen was developed, esp. the ability to retract the pencil part so it doesn't break when I sit down. I always had to deal with that at work and losing valuable lead. The only downside for me is I wish the tips were large rather than 0.5mm. I like big bold ink writing. If Zebra changes the size, I'm sure to buy.
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