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Yikes! I bought this...
June 16, 2012
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Yikes! I bought this pen hoping to get a pen that was less scratchy than the .3mm Sarasa. While it's very smooth, the pen took a step back in every other category.
-The color is atrocious. Not as dark as advertised. Even worse, the ink has a somewhat translucent quality to it, once on the paper. Honestly, it reminds me of the liquid ink pens sold at the big office store retailers. Not good.
-The wide barrel (wider than the Signo DX) makes the pen hard to control, resulting in sloppy handwriting.
Not a fun pen to write with.
90g Clairefontaine paper.
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The color is a little...
July 1, 2011
The color is a little lighter than expected, but the pen writes great. The lines are extra fine, the grip is hard but grippy, and the clip is neat.
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