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Excellent pens!! Highly...
April 21, 2012
Verified Purchase
Excellent pens!! Highly recommended! I have tried just about every Zebra Sarasa Push Clip size and color, from 0.7 mm down to 0.3mm (as well as the discontinued Sarasa Stick series in 1.0 thru 0.3) and every single Sarasa pen I've used has been a top quality product.
The 0.7mm Push Clip Sarasas are the smoothest writing tips and they lay down the boldest, brightest colors--that is because the 0.7 mm ballpoint tip lets out more ink than the smaller tips. You won't be able to write as small though. because the 0.7 mm tip does not work for tiny details. But those statements are true for any 0.7 mm gel pen.
The things that make Zebra Sarasa Push Clip pens *different* and better than other 0.7mm gel pens are: Zebra's beautifully pigmented inks, their diverse & unique color selections, the smart design of the pen body & one-of-a-kind clip, the generous capacity of the ink reservoir, and of course the bargain price. Maybe there are better gel pens out there somewhere, but I've stopped looking for them... I'll take Sarasa Push Clips please!!
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