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I am a frequent purchaser...
February 5, 2010
I am a frequent purchaser of Jet Pens merchandise, but I just happened upon my own Zebra Sharbo at Narita airport near Tokyo, Japan. I bought it on a whim when I was attempting to empty my pockets of the remaining Yen bills and coins I had with me after a short trip to Tokyo. I wandered through the shops at the airport, and I found the black Sharbo. I must say that this pen is a true favorite. I've kept my Sharbo with me at work, using it at every opportunity. What a fine, slim and useful pen! :-)

I will return to Japan this Spring, and I plan on buying more pens like this. Very nice...
This pen looks cool and...
April 21, 2009
This pen looks cool and has a good weight to it; I use the pencil frequently (though I had to go up a few grades of lead hardness to counteract the constant breakage).

The pen is ultra-fine; I find that it works well in Rhodia notebooks and on paper of similar smoothness, but the quality of the line decreases dramatically on everyday paper; same result with both the original fill, and the refill I ordered. I think it's just the nature of such an ultra-fine ballpoint. Sad but true. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have dropped the $21.50 on it.
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