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Zebra makes some of the...
February 18, 2011
Zebra makes some of the longest-lasting, smoothest ballpoint refills on the planet. I use them in my old Rotring Trio for work and play. Traditionally I have used black, blue, and red.

With my fountain pens I am a big blue-black fan, so I decided to try that color in my ballpoint, too. There is a considerable difference in what blue-black means in the US and what it means to Zebra.

NOTE: The color of these blue-black refills is what in the US is called TEAL. It also seems to skip sometimes, something other Zebra 4C colors have never done.

I'll stick with Zebra 4Cs, but I'll stick to good old black, blue, and red.
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I agree with the former...
April 4, 2014
I agree with the former review, this is not what I expected when I ordered these, knowing and loving the black blue refills for the Sarasa pens! This here, labeled blue-black, is more of a green-blue mixture to me- and I don't like the color. Generally though, it comes in the same good quality in therms of writing experience, drying and smooth rolling at .4mm that I came to like so much in the zebra line.
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Very little black in...
April 15, 2015
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Very little black in this blue black refill.
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