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  This is the pinnacle..., July 31, 2012
This is the pinnacle of multipens. Even after three years, the mechanism is as tight as when it was new. The cap over the eraser is solid brass and screws on, so it is nearly impossible to lose. The carbon fiber sleeve provides a fantastic feel and is far more beautiful than the pictures reveal. I agonized for weeks over pulling the trigger on such a pricey pen but I finally did it and, knowing what I know now, would spend much more without hesitation. If you're a hard writer (like me), order the ballpoint refills because the roller balls will last an hour if you're lucky. Above all, buy this pen!
  Mother of multipen-cil...., May 2, 2013
Mother of multipen-cil. This multi is so well designed, it incorporated everything you would want. One thing no body figured out was the rubber on the eraser screw cap is there to flip pages. Try it, you'd be amazed. Flipping through notes is a breeze, flip it around, twist to red pen and mark it up, flip it back over and keep going.