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December 26, 2010
Excellent multi-pen....
Excellent multi-pen. My favorite and quite possibly the most beautiful and durable of the Zebra Sharbo X line. The inner turning mechanism and inner parts of the cap are metal not plastic, unlike some Sharbo X models (like AL5 or TS10).

Some remarks:
The clip has a spring in it, but you must 'raise' the clip from the bottom, not by the top like a conventional spring-loaded clip (the 'premium' TS10 line can however).

The thin, shiny black upper trim of the barrel (right above the carbon fiber part and below the "Sharbo X" white printing) can peel if there is a collision with a hard surface, so exercise some care if you want to avoid this.

The carbon fiber wraps around the barrel made of aluminum; it's not the main constituent. If you look inside the barrel, there is shiny aluminum, not carbon fiber, so you cannot take advantage of carbon fiber's lightweight properties.

This pen will accommodate other D1-sized refills, not just the Sharbo X refills. I've loaded this pen with Space Pen SU series refills. Lamy M21 refills will work too.

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October 15, 2010
This is amazing. I have...
Verified Purchase
This is amazing. I have had a multi pen before, and I thought it was kind of junky, and clumbsy. This thing is just the opposite. Very smooth interface, no rattling in the case, and the cartridges fit the outlet hole perfectly, so no play in the writing at all. It has just the right amount of weight to it, not too cheap/light feeling, but not so heavy that it will make you tired. Only 2 minor complaints, the eraser is hard to get to, because you have to unscrew a cap, secondly, the lead has to be put into the tube before installing the pencil cartridge, so you have to open the case to put more lead in, but just minor, if you keep 5-10 pieces inside the tube.

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November 21, 2012
Real nice multipen. Has...
Verified Purchase
Real nice multipen. Has a nice weight to it, but feels kind of big in my hand. It's diameter is a little larger than that of the LT3s, which are my favorites.

I like the finish but don't particularly care about the carbon fiber grip. Not even sure if it is real carbon fiber.

Anyways, being on the expensive side, if you're tight on money, prefer the LT3 family: they're smaller, tighter pens and a lot less expensive than this model.

October 2, 2011
holy smokes.... this...
holy smokes.... this pen is EXPENSIVE! looks cool do