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I've had this pen for...
April 15, 2015
I've had this pen for a few months and am pleased with it. The biggest drawback is that the refills, which have to be short to fit in the pen, really do run out quite quickly. I use this multipen in a Hobonichi techo (small planner book) so I can live with this issue; it's more important to me to have a nice feel and different options for writing than to be able to write for miles without refilling. I just don't write *that* much in my journal. I would prefer if the pen had a position that it "clicked" to where none of the tips are exposed, but since I keep it in a cover for my planner, that isn't really a problem; it's safe there. Overall, it's a very solid and smooth feeling pen, feels slim for a 3-way multipen, and pleasant to write with. I'm definitely happy I got it.
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I've owned the three...
March 12, 2012
I've owned the three element pen for a while and love the pen ink quality but one flaw that is annoying. The pencil component doesn't slide out and jams inside the pen case. I've replace the pencil element but the problem seems to be stemming from the edge of the pen case aperture that stops the pencil element from coming out.
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I received this pen (the...
August 16, 2009
I received this pen (the orange rust colored one) a few days ago and thought I would use it a few days before reviewing it. Perhaps my biggest disappointment is the two color option. I wish I could have opted out of the pencil component for another ink color. As far as the quality, I say it is superb. The gel ink flows flawlessly as I think most gel inks do for the most part. The wieight might be an issue for some but its either the feather light plastic feel or the heaviness of something more. No longer being a student having to write for hours at a time I cannot give a review of the heaviness being a matter of fatigue or not. I love the twist action with the feel and look of simplicity. Of course, I imagine you get the slender body by not having so many refill options...I like that but it takes a hit on color options. If you are a pencil user, then it is nice to have options of lead size. I have noticed that my pen body has picked up a stain of probably another pen and even with alcohol it does not come out. I believe someone wrote that they heard rattling when shaking their pen....well, mine seems quite solid. Overall, the pen is nice and the quality I feel is very good. If you need more color options, however, this is not the pen to buy.
i have to disagree with...
July 29, 2009
i have to disagree with the first review i love this multipen. the action of changing between pens(pencil) is very smooth and i keep this in my pocket every day and no issues so far, i just keep it inbetween the two pens. the pen is weighted very nicely but i cant spin it very well yet. the only real issue i have with it is that to access the eraser you have to unscrew the top and i just scared im going to lose that eventually. over all it was an expensive purchase but i am not disappointed at all and would recommend it if someone is looking for a multipen with tons of color options and a little money to burn
well for the price you...
June 27, 2009
well for the price you can do better. the pens are interchangeable with the hitec c slim so that opens up options. the stylus feature was a big selling point for me and it is a basic black nub. higher contrast tips are much better. the pen tips are ok. but nothing special. the line changes contrast between strokes like a few fountain pens i have. the pencil is a bit wobbly and does not slide into place as easily as the stylus. the pen body just does not seem particularly nice. i would confuse this with a 10 dollar pen. actually some 10 dollar pens are nicer in the hand. also if you keep your pens in a pant pocket this could easily twist open and leak. it just opens to easily unless you have it wedged around the tighter pencil. if this was 10 bucks it might be worth it, but just barely. none of this is the fault of the folks at jet pens with great service and fast shipping.

if you have this one tip for loading the pencil, push hard. it took a bit of force to get the pencil tip on.
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