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Looking at it, quite...
December 18, 2010
Looking at it, quite a beautiful pen. This graphite version is the one I own. However, given the price point, it important future buyers be aware of certain aspects of this pen. The shiny clip, barrel tip, and cap are prone to scratching. I did my best to store and take good care of it, but to no avail: a long linear scratch formed on the clip, and little scratches on the barrel.

Do not drop this pen on hard surfaces, as it can slightly form a dent at the site of impact. The graphite paint can chip as well. It is recommended that this pen be stored in its own pocket or sheath. Avoid tossing it into the pencil cup with your other writing implements.

Also, compared to its sturdier/cheaper CB8 and LT3 variants, there is a deficiency with the mechanical pencil component. If you are using it, always retract the lead before turning the pen to an ink component. If you don't, the turning mechanism will get stuck, forcing you to unscrew the barrel and manually retract the lead in the pencil component. This is because there is limited room in the barrel tip due to its shape with *four* components (3-ink + pencil) crammed in there. I also own CB8, AL5, and LT3 versions of this multi-pen, and lead retraction is not necessary in these versions.

For the price, I expected a more sturdy, robust, and durable pen, not one where even meticulous care won't guarantee it will remain in good condition.
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This is a magnificent...
November 21, 2012
Verified Purchase
This is a magnificent pen. Unlike all the other Sharbos I own, this one has 4 pen components! And it's really beautiful.

It looks kind of copper-ish in the pictures here on JetPens, but it doesn't look quite like that in my hand.

Anyways, I think this pen is very nice, but its price a little too steep. Overkill, if you ask me.

If you're looking for a great multipen, go with the LT3 family and you can't go wrong.
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