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One pen body only. Needs to be customized with one pencil and two pen components (available separately).

The Sharbo X series has been a hit success among professionals in Asia. It's currently one of the most customizable multi-pens available on the market. With the Sharbo X, you have the freedom to choose almost every aspect of your multi-pen, from the pen body to the type of refill colors it has. You can choose your preferred pen body color, pencil lead size, ink color, ballpoint or gel ink type and pen tip size. For example, the diligent accountant might want a Zebra Sharbo X LT3 Matte Gray body with a 0.3 mm pencil, 0.4 mm Blue Black gel pen and 0.4 mm Carmine Red gel pen. The architect might prefer a Zebra Sharbo X CB8 Flash Silver body with a 0.7 mm pencil, 0.7 mm Ever Green ballpoint ink pen and stylus. Whoever you are, this is the pen that can be customized for your needs.

Each ST3 body consists of color coated brass and can hold one mechanical pencil component and two pen refill components. An eraser is included at the top of each pen.

Mechanical pencil components are available in: 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm.
Pen refill components are available in a: 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm, and 0.7 mm sizes, in gel or ballpoint and in a variety of colors.
Stylus component available.

Body material: Brass
Body size: 138.1 mm length / 11.1 mm diameter
Weight: 22.1 g (body only) / 25.2 g (with refills)

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Okay, I've had this pen...
September 22, 2012
Verified Purchase
Okay, I've had this pen for just about three years now (in particular the Sharbo X ST3 All Black). I stopped by today to purchase another pen and decided to read some of the reviews on the site. For starters, my clip is made out of metal, I'm not sure why someone else would have a plastic clip unless Zebra decided to stop selling them with a metal clip. Secondly, if you have a problem with placing the "position" of the rotating barrel then come up with another solution. Last time I checked, a pencil is not going to leak. It might poke a hole in a cheap bookbag or fabric case, but it's certainly not going to leak. Here is another thought. I have my Sharbo X configured with a gel pen, pencil, and stylus. Put the pen in the stylus position if you are worried about leakage. Personally, I've positioned by pen in the "in between" position probably hundreds of times and it has never inadvertently grown a mind of it's own and slipped into the gel pen position. It would be really cool if it was a Transformer, but I think those features are reserved for automobiles, planes, and other vehicles. To alleviate that possibility, put it in the "in between" position near the pencil and stylus (if you chose to do so). Just saying.

Otherwise, the pen is absolutely perfect. I haven't experienced chipping of paint, major "flaws", or any other "issues" as outlined in some of the other reviews and I've been a pen aficianado for over thirty years. Many reviewers haven't even mentioned that the screw on cap has a rubber tip that works with some LCD screens. I've used mine on a Panasonic Toughbook to make selections on the screen.

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This is a really nice...
January 2, 2010
Verified Purchase
This is a really nice multi-pen. I am not a big multi-pen person - I am just not that creative with colors when I write. However, the concept of having a florescent underliner, nice fine point gel pen, and .3 pencil for reading and note taking seemed like an awesome concept - and it works really really well for that. I only have only a few concerns:

1. For a 45 dollar pen, it seems like the clip should be made of metal, but this is not. It is plastic and does not strike me as sturdy at all and does not have much give either. I am a little afraid to clip it to anything because it seems easy to snap off. A little disappointing that I can't clip it to the cover of a book with much efficacy.

2. I use a separate eraser when I am really working anyway, but the cap seems like it could get threaded very very easy and the eraser wears out fast.

3. I would order other led for the .3 refill as it is not very strong. Also, the florescent pink is darker than i had though and cannot highlight well... but the ball point pink or light green both work wonderfully.
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Great pen, but be advised:...
December 10, 2010
Verified Purchase
Great pen, but be advised: it goes through refills quickly. I swear, the gel refills lasted about a week. The ball points seem to run out quickly, too. If you buy it, consider getting extra refills when you place your order.

Having said that, there really isn't all that much that you can compare this to. The Cross tripen might work for some people, but this is a bit more hefty. And where else do you get to pick your ink colors?
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great pen. diameter is...
August 23, 2010
Verified Purchase
great pen. diameter is great for my (x)large hands and zebra ink is always nice and smooth.
a few things i'd change:
1. grippier coating
2. maybe make it even wider in diameter
3. in addition to #2, i'd add a "stop" click
4. same materials in terms of construction as the LT3 series, with the brass construction and whatnot.
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This pen has a nice solid...
June 27, 2009
Verified Purchase
This pen has a nice solid fee and is nicely balance. The rotating mechanism works smoothly. The cap for the eraser has a real fine thread, so it might be easy to cross thread if you are not careful. It also could be easy to lose.

Like all Zebras, the 0.5 refills write a smooth line, but strangely for a "full length" pen, the refills are only 2.5 inches long.

Be careful when ordering...this is a pencil and two pens (or I pen and a stylus). I thought the pencil was optional and could hold two pens and a stylus. No points off because I didn't read correctly, but just so you know.
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