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It's sturdy, has high-quality...
April 19, 2011
It's sturdy, has high-quality components, and looks great... but it's just not a viable pen for the long-term. There is no "empty" spot, so you have to carry it while it's rotated in between chambers, which seems silly to me for such an expensive multi-pen. I want to love this pen, but my biggest gripe is that the ink runs out way too fast. I have to carry around three extra refills with me because I will run out in two to three days. I use this pen maybe two hours a day. I used to used it everyday for all my university lectures, but it just kept running out in the middle of class... That is just silly. Everything else is almost perfect about this pen--balance, construction, look, weight, etc..

BUT, I would stay away from this pen. I bought a box of like 40 ink refills, but that is going to add up BIG TIME over the long run. Also, I've had to "reload" refills mid-lecture or meeting and it looks silly while I fumble around to do so. I want to love the pen, but I just can't. If you can deal with the constant refill changes/purchases, then buy this pen. Otherwise, stay away.
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Zebra Sharbo X ST3 has...
May 16, 2009
Zebra Sharbo X ST3 has a great design. Looking at the photos, it seems flawless. However, there are quite a few flaws in this multi-pen. The paint of the pen is coming off quickly and too easily. I've been carrying this around in my pocket and never dropped once. I hope this is a defect, if not then $45 dollars pen isn't worth it. The functions, however, is superb. Some of my classmates were pretty amazed how I have 2 color pens and pencil in one pen while discretion hiding the fact its a multi-pen. Just wish they didn't ask if I was abusing the pen due to the paint. I suggest you stick with a single pen and a drafting pencils rather then buying this pen. Only buy this if you can't resist the novelty and it's functions.
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Pen is really well made...
July 13, 2011
Verified Purchase
Pen is really well made and writes as well as other Sarasa 0.4mm pens from Zebra, if not better. The ink does last longer than I thought it would, been using the same black ink for a couple weeks now, used daily although not real heavy note taking at my work, and still working fine. Only note I can make is that the bottom piece, the part that unscrews, is a slightly different shade of grey, which kind of bothers me, and the threading is plastic. Overall a good pen, but if looking at a Sharbo, the LT3 is FAR better than this in my opinion, just got my LT3 in silver today and it's much better made.
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May 5, 2009
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