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October 13, 2012
I would warn people away...
Verified Purchase
I would warn people away from buying this pen; the ink blobs and smears unpredictably while writing, although it's more often when you first touch pen to paper. I can also write something then smear the ink using another piece of paper, so it isn't that fast to dry, either.
Were the ink better, I'd rate the pen better, since it feels OK in my hand and otherwise writes well. But the bad ink completely ruins this as a viable pen for me.

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January 19, 2012
Not great, not awful!...
Verified Purchase
Not great, not awful! It smears, that's my biggest complaint. It writes nice and it a good looking blue body and ink color. But as a lefty I need it to DRY!!

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November 25, 2011
This pen is not bad compared...
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This pen is not bad compared to "regular" pens, but inferior to the equivalent Jetstream model (blue 0.5 mm). I find the ink of the Zebra to be somewhat more free-flowing, which is a bad thing: it tends to give off ink globs significantly more often and overall looks somewhat sloppy. Also, the ink in the Jetstream seems to be slightly darker in colour, which I prefer.

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November 22, 2014
It's a tiny bit scratchy...
Verified Purchase
It's a tiny bit scratchy in the .5 size, but not in a bad way, especially if you use good quality paper. Well balanced, well weighted. Excellent pen for the price. The .7 is getting five stars.

January 11, 2012
I find the ink in this...
Verified Purchase
I find the ink in this pen to be wonderful. It is very expressive. I have yet to see any globs as reported by another reviewer. This pen writes smoothly and is a delight to use.