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Its smooth, I'll give...
May 4, 2012
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Its smooth, I'll give it that much.

But the yellow ink is way too light to see. The picture here shows it as if its visible on regukar notebook paper, but when I use it on any white / light paper, the ink is too light to see. It is not opaque, so it does not show up on dark paper at all.

I have no use for ink that is too light to see on any paper. So I put the 0.5mm black refill in this yellow body. It looks funny but writes great!

I've always wanted a yellow pen that ISN'T a dark overripe banana yellow, but the fluorescent yellow Surari ink is on the opposite end if the yellow spectrum. The Surari black is fantastic, so is fluorescent blue... I am currently placing an order for a couple of the other Surari fluorescents to test them out. But I cannot recommend this yellow to anyone, unless they specifically need a too-light yellow 0.7mm ballpoint pen.
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