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  PLEEEASE RE-STOCK!!!..., December 15, 2012
  This pen writes super..., September 28, 2012
By ros...
This pen writes super small, so it is perfect for writing in the margins of books and paper, even in between lines. In the beginning it does leave blotches that smear, but the longer you use it, the less it smears and eventually stops smearing altogether. Great pen!
  In my case, that I really..., June 15, 2011
In my case, that I really love fine written, It's great! But I haven't been finding more in Brazil. I bought some in Shopping center of Recife-PE, Since then no more. I would like find it again. If there is any form, please tell me. I'll buy some. My e-mail is I live in Brasilia-DF in Brasil. With respect, Wilson.
  Great Pen. I love..., October 29, 2008
Great Pen.

I love it and have not found any other pen like this. It writes thin AND smooth. PLUS it looks pretty sleek as well.

The only downside that I have found is that it runs out of ink pretty quickly. It might just be that I use it so often that I have to continually refill it.
  I LOOOVE THIS PEN! I..., May 24, 2008
  I LOVE this pen!! It..., December 14, 2007
I LOVE this pen!! It writes very smoothly and it is very thin even though its a 0.4mm pen it certainly does write like a 0.25mm! Wonderful!
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  This pen is great. There..., April 23, 2009
This pen is great. There is friction when you write but it is enough so that the pen is not all over the place when jotting down tiny notes. Some may not like the friction but in my case, it actually helped me with my penmanship. I write much more neatly with this pen than my jetstream pens because the jetstreams are SOO smooth on the paper, the tip goes everywhere. I probably can't even wring a single straight 1" line with the jetstream but with this pen i can.

and true, it does write like a .25 pen. the lines are super tiny and super thin.