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I bought this pencil...
May 9, 2011
I bought this pencil After purchasing and orange Zebra 2way 1000. I liked that pencil and I liked the look of this white one, so I thought, What the heck.....
However after using both pencils daily, I'd use my Zebra 2way 1000 over this white one any day.
This feels cheap at times, I'm afraid I might break it...whereas when I use my Zebra 1000, I feel like I could write a novel and it would survive till the end.

So if you want a sturdy, nice, pencil that you want to LAST, get one of the 1000s...
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Honestly mystified by...
April 5, 2014
Verified Purchase
Honestly mystified by all the reviews that say this pencil feels fragile/cheap. I bought mine in 2011 and other than some rubbing out of the text, it still looks like new now in 2014. I'll be upfront and say I haven't ever used this pencil for drafting, just day-to-day note-taking and drawing, but it's done me well these last few years.

The shaker mechanism gives it a nice heft and helps keep the center of balance relatively low, so it's easy to control. As a result, I've actually found it to be more comfortable to use than my fancy alpha-gel kurutoga pencil. Both the shaker and the clicky lead advance work well and haven't broken on me yet. The eraser is a tiny nub of a thing like basically every draft pencil out there, so get a nice eraser and you're golden. :)
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I bought this to replace...
May 3, 2012
Verified Purchase
I bought this to replace a staedtler 925 which jammed and died, and it's served me well. It's got a mostly plastic construction and does feel a little flimsy at times, but it hasn't shown any major signs of wear after a year of pretty much constant usage. The shaker and click mechanism feel solid, and I haven't yet had issues with jams etc. A good little pencil overall.
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Purchased for my sister...
March 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
Purchased for my sister since it seemed interesting.

According to her...
- It rarely breaks lead
- Pretty design
- Very reliable, the lead always comes out and it doesn't jam
- Classmates complain the shaking feature is "too loud"
- Can become uncomfortable after use for long period of time
I bought this pen, although...
October 20, 2011
I bought this pen, although not from Jet Pens. The shake mechanism intrigued me. It didn't feel so solid at times and then later it did. So far it has been a very good pen and I love to write with it. I do wish to figure out how to disassemble it just in case it happens to break, which hasn't worked out for me yet. Besides that, it is really good.
While I already have...
November 25, 2010
Verified Purchase
While I already have a handful of shaker pencils, none of them looked particularly cool. I wanted a stylish high-end mechanical pencil that could become my main drawing instrument but it had to have a shaker mechanism!
The Zebra Tect 2way fit the bill as a high-end mechanical pencil/low-end drafting pencil.
I love the way it looks and feels! The manual and shaking lead advancement feels refined. I plan on buying a blue 0.7 one for use with blue lead.
A couple of comments based on other reviews:
The Tect 2way has a 4mm fixed lead sleeve which is standard equipment on drafting pencils. Care must be taken not to bend it. However, the Pentel Graphgear has a retractable tip for those looking for a drafting pencil that they can chuck in a backpack or something.
Also, the Tect 2way may not be the first mechanical pencil with a shaker mechanism but it is probably the first drafting pencil with a shaker mechanism.
Awkward grip, feels like...
November 18, 2010
Verified Purchase
Awkward grip, feels like light, cheap plastic.
There are much better pencils at this price or even lower.
This pencil is pretty...
March 9, 2010
Verified Purchase
This pencil is pretty good. The only thing about it is that it is sort of plain... I mean just with the white body and all, the pencil is not that aesthetically pleasing. But, for six dollars cheaper than a normal colored version, this pencil is awesome. I simply love how the pencil's shaka shaka thingy doesn't have too much lead come out, and how smoothly the pencil writes. Unfortunately, I bought mine when the other light-clear colored versions were out of stock, so I am still excellently pleased with mine. GREAT Value pencil.
This is an impressive...
October 9, 2009
Verified Purchase
This is an impressive pencil. A very striking look - I just love the gloss white and chrome. Very sci-fi looking. It feels good in the hand after a small period of getting used to the o-ring grips. The shaker lead advance is pretty cool too. The manual lead advance is very silky.

Very impressive for the price.
I loved it...at first....
July 24, 2009
I loved it...at first. But it wasn't long after that the tip broke (bent) :P I couldn't use it after and I felt like it was a huge waste of money...
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