Zebra Wing Stylus C1 Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Blue Body

Zebra Wing Stylus C1 Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Blue Body

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Go digital and analog at the same time with this convenient stylus plus ballpoint pen in one! The capacitive stylus works on smartphones, tablets, and other touch screen devices. The stylus is made of soft silicone and has good sensitivity so you can navigate your touch screen device with ease. It's perfect for when you don't want to dirty your touch screen with fingerprints, or when you are giving presentations using a tablet at school or work, or when you're just playing games. To use the ballpoint pen, simply twist the grip area to extend the tip. Black ink is included, and refills are available in additional colors. This stylus plus ballpoint pen is compact and easy to carry around due to its lightweight aluminum body.

The pen looks very sophisticated, yet is affordable. It comes in a nice selection of body colors—the color bodies are metallic with a matching color stylus, and the black and white bodies have a glossy finish with a black stylus.

To change the pen refill, pull the silver grip component out from the pen body. Then, unscrew the black grooved refill holder and pull out the refill. Insert the new refill and reassemble the pen.

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Very nicely finished...
November 3, 2015
Verified Purchase
Very nicely finished and executed stylus pen, but unfortunately it falls short in the prime function of a pen. That is, to write smoothly and effortlessly. This pen does not, it is listed as a 0.7MM pen, but writes like a 0.5MM pen. Very small script and scratchy. Nice to look at, reasonably comfortable to hold, but does not write well. I have picked this pen up to put in my pocket on several occasions,and always wind up putting it back on my desk in favor of another pen that performs much better. The stylus function works OK, nothing special about that function. The rubber stylus tip is much too big for anything other than swiping, hard to do any precision work on smart phone or tablet with it. Reasonably priced, but overall a disappointment.
Stylus works better than...
August 14, 2015
Stylus works better than pen. Pen writes just like an average ballpoint but it has the best stylus I've ever used.
Great pen but excellent...
December 12, 2014
Verified Purchase
Great pen but excellent stylus. I have bought 4 of these work great with iPad and iPhone. Just wish I would quit leaving them everywhere.
Stylus works well. Ballpoint...
November 8, 2014
Verified Purchase
Stylus works well. Ballpoint pen is fine - writes smoothly. It has a nice heft.