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I hate to be negative...
October 7, 2012
Verified Purchase
I hate to be negative because I rarely use a pen that I can't somehow twist into a positive. Each pen has a different character, and I can convince myself to use or like most, even if not great. I just received my package of Zebra ZMulsion EX pens today. I was super excited as I always am when receiving pens.

Very disappointed. I cannot decipher any difference between these pens and ball-point pens (which I refuse to use, by the way). They have the greasy, musty smell of ball-points, which is actually kind of nostalgically fun. Ironically, that might be the high point; all downhill from there. They skip and blotch worse than even the cheapest ballpoints. Huge parts of letters are invisible because the ink skips like no one's business. There are dark and light areas, very blotchy.

They are toted as being like gel or roller ball pens. Not true at all. They are like ballpoint pens in every regard. They are supposedly not supposed to smear. Of course the same is claimed of ballpoints, and they've always smeared for me. Partially because they are gooey and oily. These goo up a lot. I actually saw stringy residue fall down after each stroke, kinda like picking up a delicious piece of pizza with cheese strings or dipping bread in fondue. Strings, strings and more strings.

I recently bought some SARASA pens, also by Zebra. Those pens are awesome, a good alternative for the same brand.

Of course, if you like ballpoint pens, you might like these Zebra ZMulsion EX pens. I've never understood the attraction to ballpoint pens. I like smooth, consistent, bright, bold, rich pigment, archival, fade-proof, water resistant pens... which means I will always prefer roller balls, gels, or fine tipped felt. I thought these would be similar to some of those favorites. Nope.
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This is a fun set to...
July 10, 2013
Verified Purchase
This is a fun set to have - the colors are all nice and vivid on the page and the pens are all quite smooth. Some of the inks performed a bit better than others though; the red, green, fuchsia, light blue and black laid down the most smooth and even lines, whereas the orange, pink and dark blue had a tendency to skip a bit on the upstroke and the inks felt a bit drier (still usable though.) The pen bodies are light but well-balanced in the hand and the clips are solid and won't break if you bend them back a little.

One quirky thing I noticed about the ink in these pens is that they have a strange, somewhat oily smell on the page. You won't notice it unless you have the paper very close to your face, but it was just something I thought I should note.
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