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Zebra Z-Mulsion LX Emulsion Ink Pen - 1.0 mm - Black

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Zebra Z-Mulsion LX Emulsion Ink Pen - 1.0 mm - Black - ZEBRA 34511
  • Zebra Z-Mulsion LX Emulsion Ink Pen - 1.0 mm - Black - ZEBRA 34511
  • Zebra Z-Mulsion LX Emulsion Ink Pen - 1.0 mm - Black - ZEBRA 34511
  • Zebra Z-Mulsion LX Emulsion Ink Pen - 1.0 mm - Black - ZEBRA 34511
  • Zebra Z-Mulsion LX Emulsion Ink Pen - 1.0 mm - Black - ZEBRA 34511
  • Zebra Z-Mulsion LX Emulsion Ink Pen - 1.0 mm - Black - ZEBRA 34511
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The Zebra Z-Mulsion LX Emulsion Ink Pen contains Zebra's revolutionary emulsion ink, a perfectly balanced blend of 70% oil and 30% water. The result is an impressively smooth ink glide that requires only a light writing pressure. As you write, the pen tip practically slips off the paper. Further improving your comfort is the absorbent rubber grip that cushions your fingers. The refillable ink is vivid, fade-resistant, and document-safe, and has a quick dry-time. With the 1.0 mm tip size, the lines are a pleasant medium thickness. A stainless steel body gives the pen its sleek, modern style.

The pen contains black ink.

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This item: Zebra Z-Mulsion LX Emulsion Ink Pen - 1.0 mm - Black - $6.50

Model NumberZEBRA 34511
Body Color Silver
Body Material Metal (Stainless Steel)
Cartridge-Compatible Yes
Clip Material Metal
Clippable Yes
Color Set No
Diameter - Grip 9.7 mm
Diameter - Max 9.7 mm
Grip Color Black
Grip Material Rubber
Length - Extended 14.5 cm
Length - Retracted 14.1 cm
Mechanism Retractable
Pre-Installed Ink Color Black
Tip Length 3.5 mm
Tip Material Metal
Tip Size 1.0 mm
Tip Type Conical


July 14, 2014
Excellent pen! I've...
Excellent pen! I've seen some negative reviews for it elsewhere online, but I haven't had any issues with it at all. The grip is a bit more narrow than a lot of pens on the market, which I like quite a bit. Unlike a lot of people, my hand tends to cramp if the pen is too wide, rather than too narrow. So, if you're looking for something with a bit smaller grip than the Jetstreams, give this pen a shot! The ink is incredibly smooth, and dries quickly- maybe not quite as fast as the Jetstream ink, but it is still great. Plus the metal barrel and cap of the pen really look sharp, this has become my favorite pen for sure!

1 person found this helpful
February 7, 2014
This is a pretty smooth...
This is a pretty smooth pen; not quite as smooth as a good Jetstream; NOR is it as smooth as Zebra's own Z Grip Flight pens (the best write, though the bodies of the retractable ones can break with use. Curiously, the Flight's ink cartridges (and their twin, the Office Depot Advanced Ink retractable), are about 1/4" longer than the Zmulsion refill/cartridge.

The LX is much nicer looking that the EX or regular; or the Flight retractable. BUT personally (as with the revised Uni Jetstream Premier, I would prefer a little more cushion in the grips. A bit easier to refill since it's solid metal that unscrews in the middle, unlike the Jetstream Premier which unscrews at the point, and is some weird (and easily misshapen) grip/fake metal body...

All in all, above avg, nice line width and smooth delivery.

1 person found this helpful
October 27, 2014
I ordered uni jet stream...
Verified Purchase
I ordered uni jet stream sport blue and red, zebra emulsion lx 1mm, pilot birdy 0.7, pilot petball and uni fit 0.5. I SHOULD SAY UNI jet stream ball point sport are best among them, especially color perfectly bright, writing very smooth and fast. I like them very much, 5 stars. Uni fit green gel pen also as excellent as uni sport. UNI style fit fit my hand better bet has no clips but still in high rank. Zebra lx emulsion is good product as well writes more smooth than uni may be but it is too heavy and big to my hand, hard to control for me and 1mm look a little bit bold. Pilot birdy small than i expected not for edc but ok to carry with small note book writing quality is far away from uni negatively, less bright. Pilot pet ball is regular ball point , ink quality is not good and size is big. Result !!!: I will order more uni sport and style fit with their refill

January 14, 2014
I LOVE writing with this...
Verified Purchase
I LOVE writing with this pen. I love the look of it and it glides on the paper. There is no fighting with this pen to work. Great job!

January 2, 2014
Great pen. Just like...
Verified Purchase
Great pen. Just like the description says, the ink in the pen practically makes the tip slip off the paper. The metal barrel is great and the grip is very comfortable. It's a pleasure to write with and to look at. One of my favorite things about this pen is that it doesn't feel cheap and flimsy like some other pens out there. The button on top is sturdy and gives you a crisp *click* when you press it to advance the tip of the pen. Zebra is an excellent company to buy from. I would recommend this pen to anybody.