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This pen comes in a light...
February 24, 2012
This pen comes in a light royal blue color. The grip on this pen is not as squishy as the uni ball alpha gels are, but it does have a slight squish to it; but still not as soft as the pilot Dr. Grip. It writes smoothly, with a solid medium blue ink. The front cap of the pen is made out of metal, though it may look like cheap plated plastic in the picture; the middle ring, and the clicker are made of the same metal. The clip on the side is practical, and can easily be slipped onto a collar or pocket on a shirt. Also, I do like the translucent body of the pen; and it is well depicted in the picture. Overall a very well designed pen.
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This is a GREAT grip...
March 1, 2011
This is a GREAT grip in a mediocre pen; better with 1.0 mm refill (hard to find!). And if they could make a sleeker version that is more appropriate for a work setting, that'd be really nice.
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