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Akashiya Sai Watercolor Brush Pen - Black - AKASHIYA CA200-12
It's a very nice brush pen, but I didn't find its "watercolor" properties to be all that present or outstanding. There are other fountain pen inks available that are more water soluble than the ink in this brush pen. But that might just be due to it being black. For getting interesting gradient effects, I felt like I had to put a lot of effort and use a great deal of water to do so. Otherwise, the ink remained quite dark. For all the effort, I think just using a regular sumi ink or watercolor paint would be a better use of my time.

Still, this is a nice disposable brush pen, with a great range of line-widths. When the ink dries, it's very opaque, and I would say it's darn near waterproof. While not functioning quite the way I wanted it t...

About Akashiya

Akashiya Co., Ltd. was founded in 1624 in Nara, Japan, and is famous for its calligraphy brushes. A famous Japanese monk, Kobo Daishi (弘法大師), taught Chinese brush calligraphy to Kiyokawa Sakanai in Nara around 800. This period marks the beginning of Japanese brush calligraphy. The type of brush pen from that period is also known as "Nara Fude (brush)".