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Akashiya Sai ThinLine Brush Pen - Extra Fine - Mizuasagi (Greenish Indigo) - AKASHIYA TL300-03
The color translation says "greenish indigo," but in my opinion this color errs more on the side of bluish black. I'm not seeing very much green in the ink. However, the tip of this pen is great, with the ability to make hairline strokes. Pushed to its widest, it makes a nice drybrush effect. The ink is impressively waterproof, so if you want to watercolor non-black ink drawings, this is a nice change of pace. The one thing that concerns me is that the body is thin, so this seems to suggest that there is less ink in the reservoir overall. In addition, the pen is non-refillable.

About Akashiya

Akashiya Co., Ltd. was founded in 1624 in Nara, Japan, and is famous for its calligraphy brushes. A famous Japanese monk, Kobo Daishi (弘法大師), taught Chinese brush calligraphy to Kiyokawa Sakanai in Nara around 800. This period marks the beginning of Japanese brush calligraphy. The type of brush pen from that period is also known as "Nara Fude (brush)".