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Akashiya Etegami Postcard Size Paper - Gasen Paper - Pack of 10 Sheets - AKASHIYA AO-20L
These are excellent postcards for doing etegami, especially for beginners.
For a paper intended for etegami, they have a minimal level of "bleed" so your ink and your watercolor will be a little difficult to control, but the effect for etegami is quite lovely and charming.
Please bear in mind that this paper is not intended for traditional western-style watercolor painting. The previous commenter said that the paper made the watercolor blotchy -- that is quite true. The paper is meant to be used for etegami, where there traditionally a "
"runniness" to the paint. The quality of the paper is delicate, meant to enhance the "bleed" of ink and watercolor.

About Akashiya

Akashiya Co., Ltd. was founded in 1624 in Nara, Japan, and is famous for its calligraphy brushes. A famous Japanese monk, Kobo Daishi (弘法大師), taught Chinese brush calligraphy to Kiyokawa Sakanai in Nara around 800. This period marks the beginning of Japanese brush calligraphy. The type of brush pen from that period is also known as "Nara Fude (brush)".