New products are in!

This week's new products include pens, highlighters, pouches, and dividers in all colors of the rainbow! From the eye-catching P+G Sepa-Pochi silicone pouches, to the sweetly scented Zebra Sarasa Lipton collection, these brightly colored products are eye candy for all.

New products are in!

This week's new products include a handy accessory kit for keeping all your favorite gear together, some adorable bean-shaped cutters, and a bunch of wonderfully shiny metallic pens! Whether you want to be meticulously organized, always prepared, or fabulously stylish, read on to find out more about our new items.

Inkwell Bag

The Inkwell Bag is the ultimate accessory kit for anyone who is always on the run. Packed with pockets and compartments of all sizes, it will securely hold your favorite pens, pencils, tapes, memo books, headphones, and other small accessories. For something that can hold so much gear, it is actually quite compact; the entire bag folds up neatly into a small rectangular pouch. Just toss it into your purse or backpack, and you're ready to go!

New products are in!

There are so many interesting new products to explore this week! From pocket-sized memo books and notebooks, to beautiful ballpoint pens and lettering pens, there is surely something to pique your interest. Read on to see what our top picks are!

Field Notes - Drink Local Limited Edition Memo Books

Cool weather and falling leaves signal the arrival of Autumn, and with it the highly anticipated Fall edition of the Field Notes Color Cover memo books! In this limited-edition "Drink Local" series, Field Notes celebrates the warmth and camaraderie of everyone's favorite local brewery. Each memo book represents a different beer, with covers that match the colors of different brews. We have two three-packs: Ales and Lagers, which together make for a nice six-pack of beers.

New products are in!

This week, be prepared for cuteness! We are happy to introduce new pen cases and coin cases in a range of colors and designs. Also, a new take on a classic is sure to please. Read on to find out more!

Miyamoto Collection Komon Pen Cases

Made in Japan, the Komon pen cases from the Miyamoto Collection are cute and stylish cases for your everyday use. Careful attention and quality can be seen in the materials, from the double layers of 100% cotton cloth to the hardware details. The case has a matching bronzed metal zipper and ring, onto which you can attach a strap or keychain to personalize it. Choose from eleven charming patterns -- like buttons, robots, or roses -- all printed in lovely, muted color palettes.

New products are in!

This week, we are introducing some conveniently compact items to help organize your life! Keep track of every exam, appointment, and dinner date with these durable mini notebooks and planners. We also have some new pen models in a variety of colors, so read on for more!

Lihit Lab The Design Mind Company Binder

The Design Mind Company Binder by Lihit Lab is a chic, modern planner with a vintage touch. The cover's timeless look is inspired by antique books, and is made of smooth faux black leather. Open it up, and you'll find either a sleek black interior or pop of bright color! A flexible spine allows this binder to fold back on itself, making it easy for you to jot down notes without needing a hard surface.