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First seen on Kickstarter, the Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus is a revolutionary new product that works on iPads and other touch screen devices. The brush is composed of special synthetic bristles that are conductive enough to replicate a real painting experience. Conveniently, the other end of the brush has a hard rubber stylus that

New products are in!

JetPens and Kaweco have partnered up to produce an exclusive Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen with Music Print. Underneath the lovely and lyrical exterior is the same solid, compact, and sporty fountain pen that has exploded in popularity over the past few years. Express your love for music with

New products are here!

Kaweco AL Sport Touch Ballpoint Pens feature a capacitive stylus suitable for smartphones and tablets of all kinds. The stylus is soft, replicating the feel of a fingertip, while the rest of the pen body is composed of sleek and modern aluminum. Unlike other styluses, which tend to be

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Nomadic bags have been featured in Wired and TechCrunch for their versatility and incredibly functional design, and the new Nomadic WT-18 Wise-Walker Toto Bags are no different. If you're tired of fumbling around in an endless bag every time your smartphone rings, try using

New products are here!

Designed as introductory pens for students, Sailor Lecoule Fountain Pens are solid entry-level pens with a sophisticated aesthetic. The barrels have an elegant pearly sheen, and the translucent caps are differentiated by