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Among this latest batch of new products, JetPens is happy to bring in Aurora fountain pens!

Shown above: Aurora Ipsilon Satin Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Blue Body, also available in two other body colors.

Although these fountain pens may be new to a lot of people in the US, they have been around since 1919, the year the treaty of Versailles was signed at the end of World War I. Aurora means "the dawn" in Italian, and the company was born in an Italy marked by a post-war crisis, but bubbling with great hopes for recovery.

Shown above: Aurora Style Classic Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Chrome Cap + Chrome Body, also available in two other finishes.

For almost one hundred years the name of Aurora has been synonymous with high quality, good taste and fine Italian craftsmanship. These pens are known for their stylish design aesthetic and consistent quality standards (not to mention, they are beautifully packaged!).

Shown above: Aurora Style Gemstones Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Aquamarine Body, also available in two other body colors.

JetPens is proud to carry the Aurora brand of fountain pens and inks!

August 24, 2011 - Posted by Elizabeth to Announcements

Good news Stabilo fans!

The US distributor for Stabilo (MacPherson's) has launched a promotion, where you can color in your own custom Stabilo Point 88 sneaker and send it into them for a chance to win cash prizes and cool Stabilo products.

We will include a Stabilo sneaker postcard (seen below) with the first 100 orders placed starting today, that have any Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner Marker Pen products. You can also download the entry form from MacPherson's website here.

How to enter:

1. Color in the shoe with your own creative design. You can use anything. (The Stabilo Point 88 pens come in such beautiful colors, they are perfect for your creative needs!)

2. Fill in your complete contact details on the card (this information will ONLY be used by for notifying winners and mailing prizes). Place a stamp on the postcard and mail it to the Macpherson's address provided so that it arrives NO LATER than September 30th, 2011. Postcards received after September 30th, 2011 will not qualify for entry.

3. Only one entry per person will be accepted by Macpherson.

4. Macpherson will select a winner based on creativity and artistic appeal.

5. Winners will be notified by email and prizes will be sent in late October, 2011.

6. Winning entries will be posted online in late October at:

7. No purchase necessary to win. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning. This contest is not hosted or sponsored by JetPens.

8. All submissions become property of MacPherson's* and will not be returned.

9. Employees of MacPherson's and family of employees are not eligible to enter

*MacPherson's is the exclusive US distributor for Stabilo Products.

**Note that this contest is in no way run by JetPens, and is handled solely by the US Stabilo distributor MacPherson's.

This week at JetPens we are releasing a ton of new products, a lot of which are new inks! In particular, we find the new Platinum Mix Free fountain pen ink line to be fascinating.

Platinum has created this line of inks with the idea of color mixing in mind. The inks are specially formulated with pure and balanced dyes that will not muddle up when mixed together! This allows you to create the ink color of your choice, and opens up endless possibilities. It's even possible to mix up to three different shades, though you can only mix these Mix Free inks with each other, and not any other ink type or brand.

The image below is an extended version of the 1:1 mixing ratio color chart included with every ink bottle:

The ink bottles themselves are sold individually, and can be used as solo inks as well. The Mixing Kit is the tool you need to start your own ink color creations though, and includes a 50 ml bottle of ink diluter liquid (for lightening your mixed ink shades), an empty 50 ml bottle (to store your newly created ink color), and two droppers to help you measure the exact Mix Free ink proportions that you need.

We're excited to carry this new Platinum Mix Free fountain pen ink here at JetPens!

Among this recent batch of new products, JetPens now carries the Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner marker pens!

Frequently requested at JetPens, these 0.4 mm size pens feature a smudge-proof, water-based ink that is available in 25 vibrant colors. The wide variety of colors and the convenient fine points of these pens make them perfect for artwork, writing, illustrations, and anything else you can use them for!

The tip is designed to be long-lasting and is encased in metal to extend the lifespan. This design feature also makes these pens suitable for ruler and stencil use.

They have a nice, slim hexagonal body that feels great in the hand when writing or drawing, reminiscent of a wooden colored pencil.

Here is our writing sample of all 25 colors available:

Add some color to your drawings by adding these great pens to your collection!

This year, JetPens has been trying to bring customers as many new products as possible. This latest new product release features a bunch of cool items, like the Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pens, Uni Signo 207 gel ink pens in 0.38 mm size, Alvin Draft-Matic drafting pencils and the Pilot Down Force ballpoint pens!

Some of our most frequently requested new products are the Uni Mitsubishi Pin Pens.

These drawing pens are highly economical and feature a water-proof and fade-proof pigment ink. There are black, blue and red pigment ink color versions, as well as an oil-based black ink version (which is great for more permanent application with your artwork).

They are similar to the Sakura Pigma Micron pens we already carry, though some feel that the Uni Mitsubishi Pin pens are of higher quality. Overall the fine points of these pens make them perfect for technical drawing or outlining work, and JetPens is happy to introduce the Pin Pens to our growing community!