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Special new items include Ohto Graphic Liner Needle Point Drawing Pens that feature a reinforced metal needle point tip. This means that you'll never have to worry about

April 2, 2012 - Posted by Lucy to Announcements

It's Sticker Season at JetPens!

Beginning on April 3rd, JetPens will be adding a bonus to each customer order -- a limited edition JetPens sticker! We've printed a short run of 30,000 stickers for you to enjoy this Spring, and we'll keep it up for Spring 2013 and Spring 2014, too. Each Spring season will bring a fresh wave of exclusive stickers, designed around the theme of Jet-Do and Jet-Da traveling to distant pen-loving lands like Japan, Germany, and Korea.

Our first collection features Jet-Do and Jet-Da stopping off in Japan to hike around Mt. Fuji and watch the cherry blossoms bloom. The Japanese characters spell our motto, "Love at First Write."

You might have noticed that the sticker is shaped like a large postage stamp, which is perfect for accompanying packages as they travel across the globe. In designing the stamp, we thought it was important to highlight the international nature of our products, and to acknowledge the influence of other cultures on our writing habits. Hence, the postage stamp shape and the geographical themes.

There is a limited quantity available, so there is no guarantee that you will receive one with your order. However, we will continue shipping them out as long as we are able to. Enjoy, and look for another release to happen next year!

New products are in at JetPens!

Kaweco Special AL Mechanical Pencils are a beautiful new addition to our lineup. The hexagonal aluminum barrel has a black matte finish along with a top knock featuring the iconic silver Kaweco logo. The Standard barrel length is 5.6 inches and also comes in a Mini version which is 4.1 inches long. Both are available in 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm, and 0.9 mm lead sizes.

J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges have been a hit since we began stocking them and now our lineup has expanded further with 14 new colors. How can you pass up such colors as Bleu Myosotis, Rouge Caroubier, and Terre de Feu?

Artists around the world swear by their Uni Posca Paint Markers and we are happy to now carry the PC-1M marker sets in Extra Fine, Fine, and Medium. The water-based pigment ink is non-toxic, lightfast, waterproof and writes on a wide variety of surfaces including plastic, metal, and wood.

New products are in at JetPens!

The Stabilo EASYergo 3.15 Mechanical Pencil features an innovative, ergonomic design specially designed for children just learning to write. It is available in both right-handed and left-handed versions and includes a sharpener and three name tag stickers.

Technical pens like the Koh-I-Noor Rapidosketch are designed to draw precise lines in all directions without snagging or digging into the drawing surface. While it requires special care, the detailed results are worth it!

The Kokuyo Campus High Grade CYO-BO Paper Notebook takes writing paper to a new level. Its smooth, 100 g paper is heavier than the Clairefontaine paper found in Exacompta journals. The feather and bleed resistant pages are perfect for all types of inks.

New products are in at JetPens!

The Midori Brass Bullet Pencil Holder is an all-time classic that we are thrilled to carry. Use it to transport your favorite wooden pencil safely for on the go writing. The brass body will age over time to give it a beautiful vintage look.

Adding your own personal touch to pens and pencils is always fun and the Pilot Dr. Grip Play Border Shaker Mechanical Pencil allows you to take customization to a new level. Not only can you add your own design under the main pencil body, you can remove the grip and rearrange the stacked pieces however you please!

One of the products we are most excited about this week is our own custom JetPens ScoutBook. Entitled "Pentown", Jet-Do flies over a skyline of pen shaped buildings and through paper clip clouds on his great journey. Add some JetPens style to your writing arsenal with this custom notebook.