Every Day Carry

Every Day Carry

July 23, 2012 - Posted by Lucy to Guides, Staff Musings

EDC, or Everyday Carry, refers to a thoughtfully curated selection of products and tools that an individual carries on a daily basis. These supplies are meant to maximize preparedness for anything from normal activities, to a full-blown apocalypse.

Most of the kits displayed on everyday-carry.com contain a few basics: a wallet, knife, multitool, flashlight, cell phone, and keys. Despite this core group of essential items, EDC kits are highly customizable -- you’ll see kits that are minimalist, survivalist, high-tech, rugged, and everything in between.

But this got me thinking...what happens when your daily life is totally fantastical and weird? What does your kit look like then? Since pointless over-analysis of fictional situations is pretty much my forte, I thought I’d give it a shot. The following hypothetical kits were configured with only one rule in mind: everything has to fit, flat and without stacking, on a 8x11 sheet of paper.

Frodo's EDC (The Lord of the Rings)


Finally, a way to keep Frodo from fiddling with the ring all the time! This key safe is intended for homeowners that want to store duplicate keys around the property, but it’s also perfect for our intrepid heroes. As long as duties are split (with Frodo carrying the lock and Sam setting the combination), the key safe adds a much-needed layer of security to the operation. Frodo can destroy the ring in Mt. Doom without ever even touching it. Although it won’t fare well against Boromir’s sword, it’s possible that simply having the ring tucked out of sight will decrease its magnetic pull.


It would be nice to have some actual light in the Mines of Moria, as opposed to a single flickering torch. To that end, the Petzl Tikka is a good hands-free device that isn’t too heavy. It has a LED light that lasts up to 120 hours, and an adjustable strap for disproportionate heads.


It’s Frodo and Sam, ‘nuff said. The most epic friendship of all time deserves to be chronicled, and for some reason it’s really easy to picture Sam carrying this journal around in a nice little burlap sack.

Cady's EDC (Mean Girls)


You’re going to want the thickest, most ostentatious markers possible for the Burn Book. Personally I’d pick up the pink and orange bold (8 mm) tip markers. They won’t bleed through paper, but they’re vibrant and perfect for fits of adolescent indignation.


Walls of text are no fun. Toss some incriminating photos into the Burn Book to spice things up! The camera uses heat-activated color crystals instead of ink cartridges, meaning that you don’t have to worry about refilling it all the time. Now why can’t HP and Brother take note of this?


Cady’s identity crisis is neatly resolved with this bottle opener -- it’s fun and cool, but also integrates her nerdy Mathlete side. She could’ve whipped it out at a party to catch Aaron’s attention, too.

Katniss's EDC (The Hunger Games)


Katniss spends a lot of time just chilling in trees, and so does her ally Rue. With 6x magnification, the Zeiss 6x18 Monocular is perfect for spying on Peeta as he pals around with the Careers... as well as sniping them off, one by one. Plus, the bludgeon-like shape might be useful for any surprise attacks.


It's common for military types to carry two bags at once: a rucksack with items they want, and a small pack for items they absolutely need. In hand-to-hand combat, the rucksack is often dropped. The small pack remains on at all times, ensuring that even if she has to escape, she will have access to basic survival items. For Katniss, the Nomadic Wise-Walker Waist Pouch serves the same purpose. Its position around the waist is perfect for an archer, neither obstructing motion nor weighing down the shoulders.


Naturally, we had to include the mockingjay pin! It begins as Katniss’s personal good luck charm, but ends up as an omnipresent symbol of the revolution.

Am I missing something crucial? Let me know in the comments!

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