Field Notes Expedition: Extreme Memo Books

Field Notes Expedition: Extreme Memo Books

January 10, 2013 - Posted by David to Staff Picks

Field Notes Memo Books have garnered a reputation for a roll-up-your-sleeves, down-to-earth attitude. Inspired by the memo books used by American farmers, Field Notes has taken that rural, durable spirit and infused new life and creativity into their products. Simple and clean, each book is carefully crafted with purpose and personality behind every detail. Now, Field Notes has taken their craft to another level: the Expedition Limited Edition. Functioning as if they were designed with the end of the world in mind, this is the Chuck Norris of memo books.

A topographic map of the Antarctic graces the covers to remind everyone just what kind of conditions this little booklet can endure. A bright orange front and a deep, black back make for a majestic presentation while also serving to stand out in any environment for quick accessibility. Yet it's what fills in between that makes this memo book truly special. 48 pages of Yupo Synthetic paper. Made from polypropylene pellets instead of the traditional tree, this souped up "paper" leaves behind a glossy surface rendering the paper waterproof and tear-proof. On top of that, a gray dot grid pattern is printed on each page. They are all lovingly and securely bound together with a rugged three-staple saddle-stitch process so your notes don't scatter while traversing across treacherous terrain.

Now considering that the synthetic paper is nonporous for its amazing waterproof capabilities, it's fair to note that traditional ink will not settle in as on conventional paper. Gel ink, roller ball, and fountain pens will smudge since they lay down a thicker line of ink. Because of this, we recommend using ballpoint pens, pencils, or even permanent markers with no worry of bleed-through. Field Notes suggests pairing the boundary-pushing Expedition with the venerable Fisher Space Pen which can write in practically any condition whether it be upside down, underwater, extremely hot, or extremely cold. Brad Dowdy from the Pen Addict finds the Uni-ball Jetstream to perform even better on the synthetic paper. Try out the pens and pencils that work best for you on the bellyband. Made from the same Yupo Synthetic paper, it not only wraps the three booklets together but is also a personal testing ground for all the qualities that the Expedition has tested for in the Field Notes laboratories.

Check out all twelve tests to see how the Expedition fared.

Combine the pure utilitarian nature of this beast of a memo book with wit and ingenuity and you have yourself the Expedition. Inside the front cover, you can write in your contact information and, with a sense of humor, indicate whether or not the person who returns your lost book will be rewarded. The inside back cover lists "practical" applications for the memo books such as #29, "Decoy Treasure Locations." In case you become lost, this list can be a welcome distraction. If you'll remember back to the map of Antarctica that so beautifully lays over the outside covers, this was also purposefully put in place because the Field Notes Expedition Memo Books will also be accompanying the acclaimed explorer, Ben Saunders, and his team to the South Pole in October 2013. Having been the youngest to travel to the North Pole solo and on foot, and only the third person in history to accomplish this feat, Saunders is the perfect candidate to use the Expedition to its fullest potential.

Whether you're venturing into the icy South Pole or to your local 7-11 for the nearest slushie, pack that Expedition in your pocket. Withstanding the elements while you shred down the slopes, swing through the jungle, travel the deserts, and cross the canyons, this extreme notebook won't let you down. Even better, it won't judge if your harrowing adventure comprises of a relaxing day at the beach or a hazardous day at the office. The Field Notes Expedition edition is ready to go wherever you take it. Now go out and explore!

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