How to Refill Ink Cartridges for Fountain/Brush/Marker Pens

August 19, 2008 - Posted by Elizabeth to Refills

Refill cartridges are a great way to keep your writing instrument filled with ink without having to deal with messy liquids or converters. Just puncture the ink cartridge by pushing it into the body of your writing instrument. They are a wonderfully modern innovation that allows you to keep your writing instrument always moist and ready. It's easy to use them, and this article will take you through the process.

The first step to using a refill cartridge is to identify the opening. You can usually identify the opening of an ink cartridge by noting a cup-like rim on one end. Sometimes you may even see a metal or plastic ball inside the rim to act as a seal for the ink (it will be pushed in when the cartridge is punctured.) The following picture shows a close up of some of our popular ink cartridge refills.

The ink cartridges shown are:

1. Ohto Fountain Pen Refill Cartridge (OHTO FCR-6)
2. Pilot Petit1 Mini Fountain Pen Refill Cartridge (PILOT IRF-10SP)
3. Akashiya Brush Pen Ink Refill Cartridge (AKASHIYA SKI-200)
4. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen for Calligraphy Refill Cartridge (PENTEL FP10-A)
5. Pilot & Namiki Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge (PILOT NAM 69100)
6. Platinum Preppy Marker & Fountain Pen Refill Cartridge (PLATINUM SPN-100A)
7. Lamy Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge (LAMY LT10)

How: The following pictures show how to refill with an ink cartridge by using the Platinum Preppy Sign Marker as an example.

1. Identify the opening of the cartridge as explained above. As you can see, the Platinum Preppy Marker & Fountain Pen Refill Cartridge (PLATINUM SPN-100A) has a telltale metal ball at its opening (other refill cartridges may show only a plastic cup.)

2. Puncture the cartridge by pushing it firmly into the plastic protrusion inside the pen body.

3. Leave your pen facing downwards until the ink soaks through the tip. If you want, you can cover the tip with a tissue and gently shake the pen or *gently* give the cartridge a light squeeze.

Now you're ready to go! Enjoy!

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