How to Replace the Tip of Your Preppy Highlighter or Sign Marker

(Picture above shows the Platinum Preppy Fountain pen, Preppy Fluorescent Highlighter, and Preppy Sign Marker.)

The designers of the Platinum Preppy line had environmental conservation and practicality in mind. Ink for the Preppy line can be refilled with an ink cartridge, and the tip of the marker and highlighter line can be replaced. One simple pen can undergo years of use and abuse. This article illustrates how to replace the tip of the Preppy Sign Marker and Preppy Fluorescent Highlighter. Though the pictures only show the Preppy Sign Marker, the exact same steps will work for the Preppy Fluorescent Highlighter as well.

How to:

1. Find the white color base of the marker or highlighter tip.

2. Pull the old tip straight out with your fingers.

3. Insert your new marker tip and push tightly to close.

There you have it! You have saved the environment and money by replacing the tip of your Preppy pen!

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