Pen Pals Interview: Illustrator Jamie Kinosian Discusses Character Design and Watercolors

Pen Pals Interview: Illustrator Jamie Kinosian Discusses Character Design and Watercolors

An interview series featuring notable people whose lives intersect with the world of pens. We got the opportunity to chat with Jamie Kinosian, an illustrator whose main weapon of choice is a watercolor brush.

"Professor Layton" by Jamie Kinosian

Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Jamie Kinosian and I'm a freelance illustrator and comic artist based in Houston, Texas.

The various interactions and relationships between individuals are what fuel the passion behind my pieces. I find so much inspiration in the way people can impact each other, for better or for worse. This is a theme in my upcoming comic, Gods in New York.

How did you become an illustrator?

In my pre-adolescent years I had a few friends who could draw, and their creations always excited me. I had a burning passion to be able to create things too, and that is where it began.

"Link and Ganon S" by Jamie Kinosian
While growing up, I was always trying to get my hands on strategy guides for all the games I loved, just so I could spend hours admiring the character art. This greatly influenced my love for expressive and colorful characters.

Upon approaching adulthood, my future husband opened his comic book store a few doors down from the grocery store where I worked. That's where I had easy access to a variety of books and approaches to style.

Over time, the focus of my art has developed into a unique merging of animation flair and comic book style. When I discovered watercolors, it was the final touch that changed my world as an artist. It’s a medium I can free myself with, and I love being able to express so much with color.

Do you have any upcoming projects we should know about?

I love participating in local gallery shows and art events, as well as traveling to conventions. Between events, I’m working on illustrations for various clients and just recently started pages for a comic I’m doing with writer Meredith Nudo called Face the Music. As I mentioned earlier, I'm also gearing up to debut my own webcomic Gods in New York so stay tuned for that!

"Girls" by Jamie Kinosian

So, how did you find out about JetPens?

Jamie's Watercolor Brushes in Action

When I graduated from college, my good friend Rammy ordered Pentel Aquash Watercolor Brushes for me through JetPens as a gift. At first, I found them a little strange to use. However, soon I found that transporting them with my pocket watercolor set and a few paper towels, instead of my plethora of brushes, water bowls, and whatever else, was very appealing. Now I use them like a regular watercolor brush, but I love how the water reservoir is conveniently built into the pen. All I have to do is squeeze it, dab the tip onto a paper towel to clean it, and then move on to the next color.

What other JetPens products do you use often?

For my linework I often use the Pentel Pocket Brush. Having a brush pen with nylon bristles lets me make a variety of line weights quickly and easily.

My preferred opaque white tools are Uni-ball Signo pens (both the broad and angelic) and Sharpie water-based paint markers. I use them after finishing a watercolor piece to make touch-ups, shines, and various effects.

Some of Jamie's favorite JetPens tools:

Pentel Aquash Watercolor Brush Pentel Pocket Brush Uni-Ball Signo Broad- White Uni-Ball Signo Angelic- White Sharpie Water-based Paint Marker- White

A few more of Jamie's colorful pieces:

Simon and Marcy Playing Toni and Amanda Dieties Water Mage Tron Card

You can also check out Jamie's website and Youtube Channel for more artwork, like the watercolor process of the Simon and Marcy piece above!

Ever wonder how artists use JetPens products? JetPens showcases artists every month and interviews them to see what their favorite JetPens tools are. Please send any suggestions for Artist Interviews to penpal(at)jetpens.com!

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