JetPics - May 2011 Fickr and Facebook Favorites

JetPics - May 2011 Fickr and Facebook Favorites

May 31, 2011 - Posted by Elizabeth to Pen Pics

Here's a slightly belated post showing our favorite customer images selected from our Facebook and Flickr!

Picture 1 from Jon: An excellent drawing of our JetDo and JetDa, stranded after their JetPen crashed. How heroic and dashing JetDo looks with his face against the wind!
Picture 2 from Melissa: A heart doodle made with pretty colors, thanks for the JetPens love Melissa!
Picture 3 from Jessica: A beautiful use of color for this flower drawing done with Prismacolor Verithin Color Pencils.
Picture 4 from Nik Ira: Can't you just feel the wind in this illustration? Red Kuretake Zig Brushables Twin-Tip Color Brush Pen and Kuretake Zig Letter Pen CocoIro Pen used among other things.
Picture 5 from Alexa: Lovely use of the Pilot FriXion Colors Erasable Markers, Color-Pencil-Like Erasable Gel Ink Pens, Sakura Gelly Roll pens and more! Can you tell what her favorite color is? :)

Thanks for sharing your wonderful comics and drawings with us!

You too can be a JetPics Favorite, just join our Facebook and/or Flickr groups and upload a photo of your work. Make sure to let us know which JetPens products you used, and bonus points for featuring our mascots, logo or name!

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