LunaTik Touch Pen

LunaTik Touch Pen

October 1, 2012 - Posted by David to Staff Picks

This product has been discontinued. Check out the Styli section of our website to find similar products!

The LunaTik Touch Pen takes you from paper to tablet in one simple click. Created by the Chicago-based studio, MINIMAL, the innovation of this touch pen is found in its patent pending dual mode tip. Take a look at the beginnings of the MINIMAL team with their creative minds and exacting standards of quality and performance that have been the drive behind their cutting edge products.

LunaTik Touch Pen from MINIMAL on Vimeo.

MINIMAL was founded in 2007 as a hybrid design studio with the vision to combine the consultation of top brands, the partnership with smaller startups, and the pursuit of its own entrepreneurial endeavors. Such endeavors included creating the TikTok+Lunatik product under the LUNATIK brand as an accessory which turned the iPod Nano, an Apple mp3 player, into a multi-function timepiece. This was made possible through a funding platform called Kickstarter which allows imaginative ideas to be turned into actual products through the interest and investments of the public. Sometimes the public makes it very clear what it wants, especially when it recognizes the birth of something special. With a pledge goal of $15,000, TikTok+Lunatik project raised almost $1 million within 30 days. The LUNATIK brand became global overnight and the project has inspired other designers to take the leap of faith in leading a concept through to its finished product. Under the LUNATIK brand, the Touch Pen is starting its own revolution, crafted with the same ingenuity, precision, and quality.

With the touch screen gaining such prominence and integration into our everyday lives, the MINIMAL team has combined the pen from the analog world and the stylus from the digital world into the Touch Pen. Eliminating the need to carry two types of instruments, the functionality of the product alone is reason to take notice. The Touch Pen allows for seamless transition between the notepad and iPad within your workflow. Your experience with notable apps such as Sketchbook Pro, Paper, Skitch, Penultimate, and My Coloring Book is sure to be enriched with a Lunatik Touch Pen in hand.

The Alloy series.

The Polymer series.

The pen comes in two series. The alloy series features a body made out of aircraft-grade aluminum with a steel clip. (Body available in black, red, or silver.) A more economical option is the polymer series which comes in more colors and features a body and clip made out of polymer. (Body available in black, cyan, magenta, white, and yellow.) Both series features a grip made out of high grade silicone rubber with a capacitive tip that works on all capacitive touch screens. The responsiveness of the stylus has been scrutinized to measure up to the high standards of its creators.

Hidden safely within the barrel is a 0.7 mm ceramic roller black ink cartridge. With a simple click of the top button, the roller ball component extends. Another click retracts the roller ball pen tip and returns the Touch Pen to its stylus form. The carefully constructed dimensions and mechanism of the pen prevent the roller ball pen tip from scratching any touch screens while retracted. The Touch Pen can also accommodate the Pilot G2 Gel Ink refills in 0.38 mm, 0.5 mm, and 0.7 mm tips, along with a variety of ink colors.

Having worked with top companies like Microsoft, Google, Dell, and Nike, and created the phenomenal TikTok+Lunatik, MINIMIAL has proven itself to be a designer and producer of leading edge products. The Lunatik Touch Pen is no exception with its attentive craftsmanship, aesthetic beauty, and quality performance. Discover as for yourself the flawless design of the Lunatik Touch Pen: a bridge between paper and pixel, analog and digital.

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