New Products: A Rainbow of Sticky Notes, Notebooks, Copic Pens, Lead Holders, Scissors, and More!

New products are in!

Today's batch of new arrivals is an explosion of bright colors. From innovative and fun sticky notes to a rainbow of notebooks, Copic pens, lead holders, and scissors, you can pick one of each in your favorite color or even one in every color.

These are not your ordinary sticky notes. They create instant pockets for you to store small cards or slips of paper inside! Put them on your fridge to leave notes for your family or roommates, or leave reminders for your colleagues on their doors or desks.

This little notebook is a great addition to your everyday carry. Featuring a translucent plastic cover and a rainbow of colors you can choose from, this notebook is slim and flexible. It slips easily into your bag!

This convenient pack is the perfect introduction to Copic pens and markers. With a combination of color-coordinated pens and markers, you'll have everything you need to start making creative doodles and drawings! Check out all the different color sets.

These lead holders are ideal for drafting, construction, drawing, and design! Varying cap colors for the different lead grades help you easily identify the lead holder you need. The No Mark holder is not marked with a lead grade, giving you flexibility to switch lead grades for the holder. The Red holder with no lead grade mark is meant for red lead.

These scissors let you cut anything effortlessly, from regular printed paper to plastic bags to cardboard boxes. The "hybrid arch" blades ensure that cutting through your materials is a breeze all the way from the base to the tips of the blades. Cutting things that were tough to handle with regular scissors is now a cinch!

Did anything catch your eye? We're having a hard time choosing a favorite! Check out the rest of the products on our New Arrivals page.

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