New Products: Eco-Friendly Notebooks, Fun Portable Scissors, Cute Label Stickers, Colorful Markers, Luxurious Pen Holders, and More!

New products are in!

The theme of this week's new arrivals is fun and functional design. From notebooks that have innovative eco-friendly paper made from stone to cool, colorful patterns on our new portable scissors, these unique and cheery products are sure to put a smile on your face.

Ogami Professional Notebooks - Hardcover

Boasting a revolutionary paper called Repap that is made up entirely of limestone and ecological resins, Ogami notebooks are an environmentalist's dream. This recyclable paper is whiter and softer than any paper you've ever tried, yet tear-resistant, waterproof, and extremely durable. It is sure to become a staple in your everyday carry! (This notebook is also available in a soft cover.)

Sun-Star Stickyle Pen-Style Scissors

Now in an assortment of fun designs, these portable Sun-Star Stickyle Pen-Style Scissors slip easily in your bag, and you'll never again be without scissors wherever you go! To use them, simply grasp the body and cap firmly and pull off the cap. The handy scissors are spring-loaded for comfort and ease of use.

Pine Book Nami Nami Roll Label Stickers - 15 mm

Spruce up your gifts with these cute removable sticker labels! Each label is micro perforated so you can easily tear it off from the roll. You can use the labels as gift tags or as memo notes to write to your friends. "Nami" means "wave" in Japanese, so all of these stickers have unique wavy edges that add flair to your gifts or notes.

Uni Pi:s Double-Sided Markers - Extra Fine / Fine

The eco-friendly and versatile Uni Pi:s markers (pronounced like "piece") are double-sided with an extra fine tip on one end and a fine tip of the other. Their oil-based ink writes on practically everything, including paper, plastic, glass, metal, and more! Even when you write quickly, lines stay solid and pigmented.

Quiver Single-Pen Holders

Named for the traditional archery quiver that holds arrows, the Quiver Single-Pen holder is designed to securely hold your writing instruments. It wraps around the spine of your hardcover notebook, offering a simple carrying solution for your everyday writing tool. The Quiver is hand-made of strong, durable materials: genuine full grain leather, industrial marine-grade thread, and strong elastic bands.

Check out the rest of the products on our New Arrivals page.

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