New Products: Field Notes Fall Edition, File Holders, Art Pens, and Much More!

New Products: Field Notes Fall Edition, File Holders, Art Pens, and Much More!

New products are in!

There are so many interesting new products to explore this week! From pocket-sized memo books and notebooks, to beautiful ballpoint pens and lettering pens, there is surely something to pique your interest. Read on to see what our top picks are!

Field Notes - Drink Local Limited Edition Memo Books

Cool weather and falling leaves signal the arrival of Autumn, and with it the highly anticipated Fall edition of the Field Notes Color Cover memo books! In this limited-edition "Drink Local" series, Field Notes celebrates the warmth and camaraderie of everyone's favorite local brewery. Each memo book represents a different beer, with covers that match the colors of different brews. We have two three-packs: Ales and Lagers, which together make for a nice six-pack of beers.

Kokuyo Clear Holders - Security View

If you want to protect confidential documents from peeping eyes, the Kokuyo Security View Clear Holders are perfect for you. These lightweight holders are designed with a dotted weave pattern that obscures the text of any document placed beneath it, and are available in five different colors.

These clear holders are also available without the security weave design -- the Super Clear line comes in five transparent pastel colors.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Ballpoint Pens

These decorative ballpoint pens by the Metropolitan Museum of Art place beautiful artworks right at your fingertips! Each pen is based on famous works of art from the Museum's collections, ranging from the Ottoman Empire to the Qing Dynasty. Each pen comes in a gorgeous gift box with information about the piece it was inspired by printed on the back.

Pilot Lettering Pens

These bright, lime green Pilot Lettering Pens allow you to write beautiful calligraphy! Available in two colors with three tip widths per color, they are great for all kinds of lettering projects. A unique aspect of these pens is the cap design system, which keeps ink circulating even when the pen is capped. This prevents the pen from drying out, so it is always inked and ready each time you use it.

Tombow Kei Coat Highlighter Ink Chargers

These bright ink refills are made specifically for the Kei Coat line of highlighters. These highlighters are unique in that they do not take cartridge refills, but instead refill via "charging". Simply place the highlighter's chisel tip down into this bottle of ink and wait a few minutes for it to charge up!

For more, be sure to check out the rest of our new products on our website’s New Arrivals page!

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