New Products: Fountain Pens, Memo Pads, Pocket Cases, Gel Pens, Ink Cartridges, Mechanical Pencils, and More!

New Products: Fountain Pens, Memo Pads, Pocket Cases, Gel Pens, Ink Cartridges, Mechanical Pencils, and More!

New products are in!

There's a little bit of everything in this week's new arrivals. Peruse through new pens, memo pads, pocket cases, ink cartridges, pencils, and more! See what products we can't get enough of after the jump.

Kaweco Skyline Sport Fountain Pens

The sporty and compact look of the Kaweco Skyline Sport Fountain Pens transcend time and are just as attractive today as they were when they were first created years ago. Each pen is made of high-quality plastic, and is compact when capped (4.1 inches long) but very comfortable when posted (5.2 inches long), inspiring the Kaweco slogan "Small in the pocket, great in the hand".

Craft Design Technology Graffiti Memo Pads

The Graffiti Memo Pads feature stone paper, made from stone powder and a non-toxic resin. No trees are required to produce this environmentally-friendly paper, nor does the process generate any water or air pollution. The special stone paper is water-resistant, tear-resistant, and extremely durable. All types of ink write like a dream on this paper—gel ink, fountain pen ink, ballpoint ink, marker ink, and even pencil graphite.

Miyamoto Collection Retro Komon Card Pocket Cases

Made in Japan, the Miyamoto Collection Retro Komon Card Pocket Cases are perfect for your everyday use. Careful attention and quality are seen in the materials, from the double layers of 100% cotton cloth to the hardware details. There are three pockets inside where you can stash ID and credit cards, keys, earphones, or other small everyday items. To tie the case shut, wrap the string around the case, then loop it over itself securely. With everything organized in this little case, your things will be easy to find.

Monami Love Pet Gel Ink Pens

The fine-tipped Monami Love Pet Gel Ink Pens are perfect for dog-lovers! Each pen is decorated with a small photo of an adorable dog that will melt your heart every time you use the pen. The unique square body allows for an easy grip and prevents the pen from rolling away.

Pelikan Edelstein Fountain Pen Ink Collection Cartridges

The allure of our world's most enchanting precious stones has been captured in Pelikan's Edelstein Ink Collection cartridge inks. The name "Edelstein," which means "precious stone" in German, perfectly conveys the quality and elegance of this inspired collection. Enjoy the vivid colors of rubies, sapphires, and other brilliant gemstones as you write beautiful notes and letters to friends. These cartridges are perfect for those who love the extra smooth Edelstein Ink but prefer to use a cartridge.

Pentel Orenz Mechanical Pencils

The Orenz mechanical pencil features 0.2 mm lead for amazingly thin, clean lines. It's great for writing notes, math problems, graphs, and more! Despite being so fine, the lead doesn't break as you write, due to the innovative Orenz mechanism. The guide pipe protects the entire length of the lead, and you write without extending the lead out of the guide pipe, which glides right along the surface of the paper.

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