New Products: FriXion Multi Pens, Sakura Arch Erasers, Storage Cases, Index Cards, and More!

New Products: FriXion Multi Pens, Sakura Arch Erasers, Storage Cases, Index Cards, and More!

New products are in!

This week's new arrivals are perfect for school or the office! There are wood-inspired FriXion multi pens, break-resistant erasers, handy index cards, water-resistant storage cases, and more.

Pilot FriXion Ball 4 Wood 4 Color Gel Ink Multi Pens

The FriXion Ball 4 multi pen has a special wood grip, giving it a sophisticated high-quality look and feel. The grip features a nice wood grain pattern that is subtle and unique. This retractable multi pen contains Pilot's popular FriXion inks in four colors: black, blue, green, and red. The thermosensitive ink can be erased by using the special rubber "eraser" at the end of the pen.

Sakura Arch Foam Erasers

This is not your ordinary eraser. Dramatically more break-resistant than typical erasers, the Sakura Arch Foam Eraser is approximately three times less prone to breaking. The special design allows you to hold the eraser beyond the typical breaking points, reducing the bending of your eraser, and thus increasing its break-resistance. The bumps at the grip points on the sleeve indicate where to hold the eraser.

Midori Pulp Storage Pasco Pen Cases

The Midori Pulp Storage Pasco Pen Case is made of a special material called "Pasco", which is a blend of recycled paper and new pulp. Although lightweight, it is thick and sturdy, and holds its shape well. This unique pen case has a charming papery texture, look, and feel, and will fit in well at school or the office. With two snaps to close, the pen case keeps all your writing instruments secure.

Correct Joho Index Cards

The Correct Joho Index Cards are great to have on hand! Jot down quick notes, to-do lists, and inspirations on these little cards. You can stick them in your pencil case, purse, notebook, wallet, or keep a stash on your desk. You never know when inspiration may strike!

Check out the rest of the products on our New Arrivals page.

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