New Products: Fun and Colorful Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencils, Metallic Gel Pens, Magnetic Letters, and More!

New Products: Fun and Colorful Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencils, Metallic Gel Pens, Magnetic Letters, and More!

New products are in!

This week's new arrivals feature fun, colorful mechanical pencils, metallic gel pens, pencil leads, fountain pens, magnetic letters, electric erasers, and more!

Uni Kuru Toga Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencil with Rubber Grips - Limited Edition Gradation Bodies

The new Limited Edition Kuru Toga Rubber Grip Mechanical Pencils come in either red or blue, with a comfortable grip and a stylish black gradient along the body of the pencil.

Sakura Ballsign Kirara Pens

The Sakura Ballsign Kirara Pens write with a beautiful, subtly shimmering metallic ink with a hint of glittery sparkle. The vivid, water-based pigment gel ink writes well on light and dark-colored papers, as well as photos and other coated papers.

Kokuyo Campus Pencil Lead

Designed for children and younger students, the new 1.3 mm Kokuyo Campus Pencil Leads mimic the thicker feel of a wooden pencil and make writing easier for beginners. The case contains 16 leads and features an easy-open swivel top.

Regal 286 Ernest Hemingway Fountain Pens

Inspired by the bold style of its namesake author, this fountain pen features a substantial copper body, a luminous gold or rose gold metallic finish, and an 18k gold-plated nib. It comes with a soft protective velvet pouch that has a drawstring closure.

Galison Design Patterns Wooden Magnetic Letters

These fun and educational wooden letter magnets feature beautiful patterns from the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum. This set includes 40 magnets in a resealable milk carton box. The magnets are printed with nontoxic inks, and are also eco-friendly, containing 80% recycled wood while the carton contains 85% recycled paper. The magnets are fun for for adults and children ages 3 and up.

Seed Sun Dolphin 3 Electric Eraser

This compact, high-power electric eraser is perfect for working on drawings, diagrams, comics, and more. Spinning at 10,000 rpm, it erases small areas cleanly and precisely with a light touch. The eraser is cordless and easy to use, activating with the touch of a button. It comes with both plastic and sand erasers, allowing it to be used on both pencil and ink markings.

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