New Products: Notebooks, Brush Pens, Rulers, Page Markers, Mechanical Pencils, and More!

New Products: Notebooks, Brush Pens, Rulers, Page Markers, Mechanical Pencils, and More!

New products are in!

This week is all about fun and modern design. We have classic notebooks, metallic brush pens, non-slip rulers, cute page markers, innovative mechanical pencils, and more! Read on to see the products we're loving.

Tsubame Fools Notebooks

Tsubame Fools Notebooks contain pages made of Tsubame's high quality fools paper. The paper is made with great care and is easy to write on, resists feathering and bleed-through, and is neither too slippery nor too rough. This high-quality paper is also acid-free to preserve your writings for many years.

Kuretake Fudebiyori Metallic Brush Pens

Add some glitz and glam to your crafts with these Zig Fudebiyori metallic brush pens! The water-based pigment ink is photo-safe, acid-free, lightfast, odorless, and xylene-free. The ink is also waterproof and archival quality, perfect for preserving your memories in scrapbooks or for other crafts. These metallic colors look wonderful on both light and dark colored papers!

Sonic Punyo-suke Rulers

Rulers often slip and slide as you're using them, resulting in uneven, crooked lines. The Sonic Punyo-suke Ruler features non-slip colored bumps so you don't have to worry about your ruler shifting out of place! You can use both the back and front of this non-slip ruler. When using the front, press down on the colored bumps to avoid slippage. When using the back, press down anywhere except the bumps.

3M Portable Design Film Page Markers

Mark important pages in your books and notes with these adorable 3M Portable Design Film Page Markers! They come in a variety of cute print designs and colors from simple to cute to chic. These tear-resistant page markers are made from a film material, and the page marker dispenser lets you easily peel off one page marker at a time. The dispenser is compact and slim—you can stick it anywhere!

Platinum OLEeNU Shield Mechanical Pencils

In a conventional pencil, the pencil is only able to clutch the lead core until the last 10 mm. The remaining lead then becomes unstable and unusable, wasting almost 17% of your lead! The Platinum OLEeNU, on the other hand, can clutch a lead core until the very last 1 mm! What's more, the OLEeNU Shield features a dual-structure tip construction, providing superior protection for your lead.

Check out the rest of the products on our New Arrivals page.

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