New Products: Paper, Leather Pouches, Note Pads, Multi Pens, Modeling Clay, and More!

New Products: Paper, Leather Pouches, Note Pads, Multi Pens, Modeling Clay, and More!

New products are in!

We have quite an eclectic offering this week with products like Tomoe River paper, Kaweco leather pouches, Rhodia note pads, FriXion multi pens, and Staedtler FIMO clay! Read on to find out more.

Tomoe River Paper

The exquisite Tomoe River (Tomoegawa) paper is renowned for its smooth texture that is perfect for fountain pens and various other writing tools. At 52 gsm, the thin and delicate pages are designed to reduce bulk. Despite its thinness, the paper is incredibly reliable. The sheets are resistant to bleedthrough and feathering, and can handle a variety of inks.

Kaweco Eco Leather Pouches

Protect your Kaweco fountain pen with these Kaweco Eco leather pouches! The soft, cognac leather pouches fit one or two Liliput or Sport pens. Carry your pen safely in style.

Pilot FriXion Ball 4 4 Color Gel Ink Multi Pens

The FriXion Ball 4 multi pen has a cool, modern look, featuring a subtle geometric dot pattern on its shiny pen body. This retractable multi pen contains Pilot's popular FriXion inks in four colors: black, blue, green, and red. The thermosensitive ink can be erased by using the special rubber "eraser" at the end of the pen. The pen has a rubber grip for comfortable writing, as well as a spring-loaded clip to conveniently attach to your pocket or notebook cover.

Rhodia Ice Pad

Rhodia notebooks are known for their high-quality paper, portable sizes, perforated sheets, and fold back covers. For its 80th anniversary year, Rhodia presents the Rhodia Ice Pad. Designed with the same minimalist aesthetic of the original Rhodia pads, the Ice Pad is white with Rhodia's logo and name in metallic silver. It has beauty and a hint of mystery.

Staedtler FIMO Professional Modeling Clay

Enjoyed by professionals, artists, and advanced crafters alike, the Staedtler FIMO Professional Modeling Clay features vibrant, true colors that you will love using in your next project! It's extremely pliable and also provides exceptional dimensional stability for sophisticated techniques. The clay is oven-hardening and comes in 24 vibrant colors that use the purest of pigments to offer exact blending results. The clay blocks are resealable and easy to open.

See the rest of the products on our New Arrivals page.

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