New Products: Pilot Multi Ball, EnerGel Deluxe, Sakura Photo Pens, Scissors, and More!

New Products: Pilot Multi Ball, EnerGel Deluxe, Sakura Photo Pens, Scissors, and More!

New products are in!

Writing on something other than paper? We've got you covered! From pens that write on multiple surfaces to photo pens to left-handed friendly pens, see what's new this week after the jump.

Pilot Multi Ball Roller Ball Pens

Now available in a medium tip size, the Pilot Multi Ball pen is highly recommended by mixed media artists for its rich colors and ability to write on various surfaces. It writes on plastic, paper, metal, glass, cloth, and more—thus its name "Multi Ball". You can write easily and quickly, thanks to the smooth gliding ball at the tip. The pen is great for crafts, artwork, school, and everyday tasks.

Pentel EnerGel Deluxe Gel Ink Pens

The Pentel EnerGel Deluxe Gel Ink Pens feature an advanced blend of super-smooth rollerball and gel ink that results in a smooth ink flow with no smearing, no smudging, and no globs. The quick-drying ink formulation is ideal for lefties, and the pen has a comfortable latex-free grip, which provides extended writing control.

Sakura Limited Edition Photo Pen Candy Gel Ink Pens

Use this pen to add fun decorations to your photos, letters, and notes. It writes on photos as well as paper, and its vivid, opaque ink shows up well on both light and dark colored paper. It can even write on top of dried ink! The conical tip produces fine, consistent lines, perfect for drawing and writing alike.

Raymay Swingcut Scissors

Winner of the 2014 Good Design Award and ISOT 2014 award in the Functionality category, the Raymay Swingcut Scissors feature an innovative design that allows for easier, more effortless cutting. Unlike conventional scissors, the pivot point of the Swingcut scissors is off-center. This ingenious alteration allows the user to create a stronger cutting force with less effort.

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