New Products: Tomoe River Paper Notebooks and Report Pads, Sophisticated Fountain Pens, and More!

New Products: Tomoe River Paper Notebooks and Report Pads, Sophisticated Fountain Pens, and More!

New products are in!

We're swooning over the beautiful and elegant new arrivals of the week! From the loveliest fountain pens to the smoothest notebooks and note pads, you can add a touch of sophistication to your stationery collection.

JetPens Chibi Mini Fountain Pen

Our favorite of this week's bunch, we're excited to introduce the JetPens Chibi fountain pen! This fun pen features a transparent yellow plastic body with "JetPens.com" printed on the clip. We named it "Chibi" because that means "small" in Japanese! The pen's small size makes it convenient to carry around. When the cap is posted, it has a nice, balanced size and weight for writing comfortably. This fountain pen accepts short international size ink cartridges.

Parker IM and Urban Premium Fountain Pens

The IM and Urban Premium fountain pens pay homage to Parker's iconic Vacumatic fountain pen (released in 1933), featuring the Vacumatic's striking horizontal stripe pattern. With an aluminum finish and fresh colors, these fountain pens give the design a modern lift. Designed to provide an optimal writing angle for both right and left-handed writers, the fountain pen nib is stainless steel for superior resistance and durability.

Sailor Fasciner Fountain Pen

"Fasciner" means "to fascinate" in French, and that's just what this lovely fountain pen does. It has a lovely shine from the glossy white body with a subtle pearly sheen and pink gold trim. This pretty fountain pen is a charming companion.

Tomoe River Kanso Notebooks and Report Pads

Made exclusively for JetPens, these notebooks and note pads feature the exquisite Tomoe River paper! They're simple, yet refined with a blank cover in ultra-smooth cardstock of the same color as the pages inside. It perfectly embodies "kanso," which means "simplicity" in Japanese. Tomoe River paper is renowned for its smooth texture that is perfect for fountain pens and various other writing tools.

Uni-ball Vision Elite BLX Roller Ball Pen - 0.5 mm - 5 Color Set

The Uni-ball Vision Elite roller ball pens feature the Uni-flow ink system, which creates a steady flow of water-resistant ink and smooth, consistent color. The Vision Elite BLX collection features intriguing dark-toned colors created by infusing black ink with color. This set contains 5 colors: Blue Black, Brown Black, Green Black, Purple Black, and Red Black.

Check out the rest of the products on our New Arrivals page.

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