Pen Projects: Spruce Up Your Gift Wrapping Style Using Paper Bags...Plus Giveaway!

Pen Projects: Spruce Up Your Gift Wrapping Style Using Paper Bags...Plus Giveaway!

The season of giving is in full swing! Today we’re bringing you a fun, creative way from Japan (the land of packaging perfection) to wrap your presents--without using wrapping paper. Instead, we’re going to use paper bags in two cute and fun ways to show you how to transform your gifts from ordinary to extraordinary.

Let's learn how to make these two adorable silhouettes!


Step One: Push out the inside fold

Take the inner fold of the paper bag and push out the fold 2/3rds of the way down from the top. Secure the new fold by pressing it down. Repeat the same steps on the other side.

Step Two: Fold down the corners

Fold the top corners of the bag down into a triangle shape. Then, follow the dotted line in the picture and fold the top of the bag down.

Step Three: Create your tote shape

Fold the whole bag down a little less than halfway. You can experiment different ratios until you are happy with the shape of the tote.

Step Four: Attach the handle

Punch two holes in the center of the bag where you want the handle to be. Thread the ribbon through the holes and tie to secure.

Step Five: Finishing Touches

Decorate your tote bag with decorative masking tape, hand-drawn images, and stickers! There possibilites are endless.

That wasn't too hard right? Let's up the ante a little bit...


Step One: Create the collar

Fold the paper bag down an inch from the top twice. This will become the collar of the shirt. Using that as a guideline, make a cut directly underneath. Make sure the cut reaches through the inside folds to the center of the bag. Repeat on the other side.

Step Two: Set the collar

With the cut you just made, push out the fold to make a triangle. Press both sides of the fold inwards slightly. Then, return the fold back inward to its original position.

Step Three: Secure the shape

Using your adhesive, secure the overlapping sides from Step Two. Repeat the same steps on the other side.

Step Four: Attach the tie

Undo the two folds you made from Step One and place the ribbon at the top of the bag. Repeat the folds from Step One, this time with the ribbon inside.

Step Five: Finishing Touches

Pull the ribbon together into a tie. Cut the ends into a pointed shape for an authentic look. We recommend the Double Windsor knot. It's a little more difficult, but it really brings out the shape of the tie! Finally, decorate to your heart’s content.

And there you have it! These ideas are perfect for wrapping small gifts, and even big ones--just use larger paper bags. It’s unique and customizable, and gives your present that extra special something. If you try any of these, please send us your pictures! We'd love to see them.

Products we used to make these crafts:
Kokuyo AiroFit Non-Stick Scissors Nichiban Tenori Adhesive Stamp - Green Kuretake Yuzen Die Cut Japanese Paper Sticker Set - Sakura
Mt Deco Masking Tape - Cross Carmine Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Ink Pen - White Ink

Paper Bag Wrapping ideas from Wrapping Bible (ISBN978-4-8163-45883).

Crafting Supplies Giveaway!

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Official Contest Rules
Official Contest Rules

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