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Journals / Notebooks

January 14, 2014 - Posted by Miriam to Guides, Journals / Notebooks

Here at JetPens, we have a soft spot for the memo pad and its casual, free form. It's there for you to jot down notes, observations, and ideas from those bouts of inspiration that come at any which time. Convenience, accessibility, and portability are what memo pads are all about.

Last year, we did a piece on the whys and wherefores of pocket notebooks and introduced some of our favorite ones. Today we want to follow up with a companion article and some fresh picks!

Pen addiction is a curious thing. What may start out as a small-time interest may quickly turn into a full-blown obsession. And it spreads. Your craze over pens casts you into an intense investigation of all the different inks available. This infatuation with inks inevitably leads you down a path to find the perfect paper. And with that, we’d like to introduce you to the creamy sheets of Clairefontaine paper.

Pocket Noteboooks

When you keep a pocket notebook, surprising things happen. The transient ideas that bubble up, surfacing from time to time in your subconscious, suddenly have a place to go. Appointments, conversations, diagrams, passwords, and poems form a small riot within its pages.

Still, the photos of meticulously organized Moleskines on Instagram can be intimidating. It’s easy to get the feeling that pocket notebooks must be aesthetically pleasing, or that every page should be polished and perfect. In reality, pocket notebooks are just accessible, reliable, and predictable receptacles for information of every kind. Write down all of your half-baked thoughts, nonsensical ideas, and mundane observations... and somewhere in there, you should be able to find a small and quiet sliver of genius.

In this article, we’ll cover the advantages of using a pocket notebook, highlight a few stand-out notebooks from our Pocket Notebook Selection Guide, and start you out with a few ideas on what to write.

Field Notes Memo Books have garnered a reputation for a roll-up-your-sleeves, down-to-earth attitude. Inspired by the memo books used by American farmers, Field Notes has taken that rural, durable spirit and infused new life and creativity into their products. Simple and clean, each book is carefully crafted with purpose and personality behind every detail. Now, Field Notes has taken their craft to another level: the Expedition Limited Edition. Functioning as if they were designed with the end of the world in mind, this is the Chuck Norris of memo books.

The Apple frenzy has started up once again with the revealing of the glorious iPhone 5. But here at JetPens, we don't discriminate. Whether you're an Apple lover or an Android lover, the love of pen on paper can still bring everyone together. The Kokuyo CamiApp Twin Ring Notebook and Notepad effortlessly bring out the best of both worlds.