Removing and Storing Ink Cartridges

Removing and Storing Ink Cartridges

December 29, 2008 - Posted by Elizabeth to Pen Modifications

Removing and storing an ink cartridge that is already in use is simple.

What you need: fountain pen, running water, paper towel.

1. Disassemble the body of your pen.

2. Carefully remove the ink cartridge with the nib facing upward.

3. You can save the cartridge by sealing the opening with some tape or by pouring the remnant into an ink bottle.

4. Thoroughly clean your fountain pen by flushing it out with cool water. Cover the nib with a paper towel (not tissue, as this can leave lint on the nib) and shake away excess moisture. Flush again until water runs clear, shake again and leave the pen out to dry.

Now your fountain pen is ready to be used with new ink! Be sure to check out our bottled fountain pen inks!

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