Scented Gel Ink Pens

Scented Gel Ink Pens

April 11, 2011 - Posted by Elizabeth to Staff Picks

Here at JetPens not only do we have a vast selection of different colored gel pens, but we also carry gel pens that have scented ink! These can be really fun to use while taking notes, writing a letter, or just doodling on your notepad, and they add a whiff of something tasty to whatever you're writing.

The Dong-A Miffy Scented Gel Ink Pens feature Dick Bruna's famous bunny character Miffy! With a 0.5 mm thickness, they're just the right size for comfortable writing and organized notes, and come in 18 great sweet scented colors.

The ever-popular Uni-ball Signo pens also come in a scented ink series! The Uni-ball Signo Scents UM-120SC Gel Ink Pens have a 0.8 mm width and are available in ten different color and scent combinations.

The Zebra Laflleche Sweets Scents Gel Ink Pens give you the sweet fragrance of your favorite desserts every time you take notes. It's pigment ink is water resistant and writes in vibrant colors.

Lastly, the Zebra Pticolon Gel Ink Pens not only write well, but smell great too! Only the 8 color set is available, with the pens in 0.8 mm size.

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