Shaped Paper Clips at JetPens

Shaped Paper Clips at JetPens

June 2, 2011 - Posted by Elizabeth to Staff Picks

Here at JetPens, not only do we carry fun pens, pencils and other writing instruments, but we have some really neat office supplies too! Specifically, the paper clips we carry are not your standard oval shaped office clips, but instead come in fun shapes. You can make your paper work more exciting with some shaper-clips! (Get it?)

New this week are more shapes of the Sun-Star Pictome Paper Clips. These paper clips now come in great icon shapes like the Question Mark and Comment Box, but also various fun figure poses.

Now Sun-Star has binder clips available too! Replacing the loops on your typical black-plastic binder clip, the Sun-Star Pictome W Binder Clips offer four different shapes.

Besides the Sun-Star brand, JetPens carries the ever-popular Midori D-Clips Paper Clips. These are my own personal favorites for everyday use and are perfect for the animal lover in your life! They are available in 12 different animal styles, as well as limited edition Christmas shapes!

Another tasty office treat, the Ohto Chocolate Bar Cross Paper Clips come in four different colors, and there is a multi pack available. These clips are so tempting, you might just eat them off your paper! Get them soon though; they're being discontinued and are on sale!

What do you use YOUR shaper-clips for?

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