The Main Attraction: Kaweco Limited Edition Combimatic Celluloid Fountain Pen

The Main Attraction: Kaweco Limited Edition Combimatic Celluloid Fountain Pen

Fountain pens draw attention from all four corners of the world with their enchanting body designs, elegant shapes, and beautiful nibs. But lying at the heart of every pen, beneath all the outward glamor and fame, is the integral filling mechanism that gives life to its very body. Though not always readily visible, fountain pen experts know how valuable a quality filling mechanism is. It determines how long the ink will last between refills and the breadth of inks that are available. For this very reason, there has been such excitement surrounding the release of the compact Kaweco Limited Edition Combimatic Celluloid fountain pen with its piston filling mechanism.


Only 300 pieces of these limited edition fountain pens have been produced. Though they share the same beloved body type of the Kaweco Sport lineup, there are exciting differences both externally and internally. Introduced in 1935, the classic, compact design has endured throughout the decades and charmed countless pen aficionados to approve the Kaweco motto, “Small in the pocket, great in the hand". However, their portable size has also limited the Kaweco Sport fountain pens to only accept standard international cartridges. Recently, we’ve acquired the long-awaited Kaweco Sport squeeze converter to make available hundreds of bottled inks that would otherwise be unavailable in cartridges. But even this new accessory is limited in the amount of ink it can store in one go.


The Kaweco Limited Edition Combimatic Celluloid fountain pen successfully incorporates fresh elements to lift the classic design to a new level . The prized piston filling mechanism opens the door to a whole plethora of bottled inks out there like the Pilot Iroshizuku, Diamine, and J. Herbin inks while greatly increasing the ink capacity. Here are the steps to fill up your pen with bottled ink:

1. Remove (unscrew) the cap at the back end of the pen to expose the piston knob.
2. Twist the knob counter-clockwise as far as it goes to push all the air out.
3. Submerge the nib and part of the grip area into the ink, then slowly twist the knob clockwise all the way to draw ink up into the pen.
4. Hold the pen with the nib pointing up, cover the nib and grip area with a tissue or soft paper towel, and slowly turn the knob counter-clockwise just enough to expel any remaining air and bubbles.
5. Once more, submerge the nib and part of the grip area into the ink, then slowly twist the knob clockwise to draw more ink up into the pen.
6. Using a tissue or soft paper towel, gently wipe excess ink off of the nib and grip. Your pen is now ready to write.

Notice that the cap on the back end of the pen protects your mechanism so the knob won’t accidentally twist when in pocket or purse. With the ink securely stored in your pen, you can now enjoy pages and pages of your favorite ink without constantly having to refill.


Anyone who adores portable pens would be ecstatic about this internal modification but Kaweco has taken further steps to create a pen for the ages. While keeping the shape of the classic Kaweco Sport, unique body of the Kaweco Limited Edition Combimatic Celluloid fountain pen is made of beautiful blue celluloid marbled with white and tan flecks. This choice material is a thermoplastic with a long history among fountain pens. Celluloid is extremely durable which may be surprising considering one of its components is a compound derived from cotton. Yet it is this very same ingredient that allows so many different dyes and combinations of colors to be skillfully added to create countless patterns. The mesmerizing designs take a process of one and a half to two years to cure before they are ready to be shaped into the finished product. Each pen carries its own unique look with no two pens exactly alike.


To top it off, Kaweco has adorned the pen with a gorgeous two-tone nib. 14-carat gold with rhodium plating, the nib has the perfect balance of hardness and anti-corrosion properties which is important when dealing with acidic or alkaline inks. A softer material than steel, gold nibs also offer some flex, meaning the tines spread apart more easily for slight line variation. Though modern steel is now much more durable and the option of having subtle flex in gold is a personal preference, fountain pen experts still tend to favor gold nibs. As one of the most important parts of any fountain pen, if not the most important component, this nib will ensure your precious ink flows swiftly from the reservoir through the ink channel and onto your paper.


The Kaweco Limited Edition Combimatic Celluloid fountain pen is simply exquisite. Created with only the finest ingredients, this is one pen you can comfortably travel with and proudly show off. With the ingenious redesign, you will be delighted to play with the endless colors found in ink bottles while getting more mileage out of each refill than ever before. Present this sophisticated pen in a luxury box to that special someone. A one of a kind person requires a one of a kind gift.

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