The Pilot Petit Pen System Returns

The Pilot Petit Pen System Returns

November 12, 2012 - Posted by David to Staff Picks

The Pilot Petit Pen system is back!

We were met with much dismay when news broke out that the Petit line was being discontinued. The pens have evoked a deep affection out of their rabid fan base for their fun colors, compact yet comfortable size, affordability, and fine performance. Because of this, we've received so many inquiries about the status and whereabouts of the pens when they disappeared. Having previously had to deliver unfortunate news about the Petit Pens, we're now much more pleased and excited to announce that these pens have returned!

For anyone who has yet to try the Petits for themselves, the Petit Pen comes in three different tips. The Petit1 is the fountain pen with a fine nib featuring a delightfully clear underbelly to see the colored ink flowing to the tip. The Petit2 is the sign pen with a hard, felt/porous tip much like a marker to produce a thicker line. The Petit3 is the fude brush pen with a tip that allows for variations in line width depending on the pressure exerted. Each has its own personality and is easy to use which makes for a great starter pen for anyone unfamiliar with fountain pens or brush pens while still appealing to veteran users who want to add a little color to their collection.

Unlike the previous models, each of the new Petits has the same clear cap with a transparent, colored clip. Please note that while the caps of each pen type have the same aesthetic style, they are uniquely built to house and safely protect the different pen tips. The caps are also designed to securely post on the end with a snap to prevent them from being forced too far in and possibly cracking.

The Pilot Petit's now come in eight different colors with matching ink colors. The clear grips allow you to see exactly which ink color is about to flow onto your paper. That's especially handy if you feel like living on the edge and choose to use a color ink different from the color of the pen body. In addition, each pen is only 4.2 in. when capped, easily slipping into your pocket or purse. Unobtrusive wherever you go, you can quickly whip it out to jot down a grocery list, draw some doodles, or sign a few documents. When posted, the pen fits nicely into your hands at a length between 4.9 - 5.2 in. depending on pen type and feels comfortable with its wider grip.

With three different types of tips, eight different color bodies, and another eight different color inks to choose from, you can mix and match to your heart's content. The only downside may be having too many choices! Otherwise, the Pilot Petit System makes notetaking during lecture feel a little more appealing and provides that extra boost to actually write in your dusty journal. Enter into the freedom of exploring three different types of pens in a breathtaking breadth of colors.

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