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Congratulations to random winner #22! Micalela who said:

Your colleagues will love the comfortable grip on these pencils!

Since there were 145 comments on the original giveaway post, you have won 5 x Uni-ball Alpha Gel Slim Mechanical Pencils - 0.5 mm - Rose Pink Grip. Please comment here by next week July 27th, 2011 and email with your mailing address.

For everyone else, stay tuned, we'll have another giveaway soon.
July 19, 2011 - Posted by Elizabeth to Brush Pens

Brush pens made from natural hair can oftentimes be better than their synthetic counterparts, at least when used for ink and watercolor. Natural hair brushes not only tend to be more resilient and durable than nylon brushes, but they also provide better spring and snap.

High-quality sable and weasel hair brushes are considered to be the best for watercolor and ink use. These kinds of brushes hold liquid for a longer period of time, and better retain a fine point when wet. Another important point to consider when searching for a brush pen is the level of absorbancy. Natural hair is comprised of complex components and scales that allow the hair to hold and trap liquid better. The liquid is released as pressure is applied to the brush. This capability of natural hair brushes gives artists more control as they draw.

If you're looking for high-quality, durable natural hair brush pens, we recommend the Kuretake High Grade Sable Hair Brush Pens.

These brushes are made from authentic sable hair and feature an elegant matte black body. The No. 40 pen comes in a cardboard gift box and include one free box of 3 ink cartridges. Sable hair brush pen tip replacements are also available.
July 15, 2011 - Posted by Elizabeth to Fountain Pens

A lot of you are familiar with the traditional piston-style fountain pen converters, as seen in our previous blog entry: How to Use a Fountain Pen Converter.

Pilot makes a bladder-style CON-20 converter also. Instead of twisting a knob to fill this converter with ink, you simply have to squeeze! Please keep in mind that this particular converter is only compatible with Pilot brand fountain pens.

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This year, JetPens has been trying to bring customers as many new products as possible. This latest new product release features a bunch of cool items, like the Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pens, Uni Signo 207 gel ink pens in 0.38 mm size, Alvin Draft-Matic drafting pencils and the Pilot Down Force ballpoint pens!

Some of our most frequently requested new products are the Uni Mitsubishi Pin Pens.

These drawing pens are highly economical and feature a water-proof and fade-proof pigment ink. There are black, blue and red pigment ink color versions, as well as an oil-based black ink version (which is great for more permanent application with your artwork).

They are similar to the Sakura Pigma Micron pens we already carry, though some feel that the Uni Mitsubishi Pin pens are of higher quality. Overall the fine points of these pens make them perfect for technical drawing or outlining work, and JetPens is happy to introduce the Pin Pens to our growing community!