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April 28, 2014 - Posted by Miriam to Guides

Whether you're a professional artist, or someone who enjoys the occasional doodle while people-watching at a cafe, brush pens are a great tool to have in your pen case. Their versatility and portability mean you can use them anywhere for anything, be it sketching or painting.

We've already covered our brush pen recommendations for calligraphy, and we're just as excited to show you our favorites for art and illustration. After testing all of our brush pens and staining our hands with black and colored ink, we present to you our picks. Click on any of the product photos for a larger view.

April 25, 2014 - Posted by Elaine to Pen Perks

Be the envy of your office with this sleek and professional executive set, featuring a Lamy Swift roller ball pen and a Rhodia Meeting Notebook. The Lamy Swift is a smooth roller ball pen encased in an attractive and modern metal body. Combined with a Lamy roller ball refill and the Rhodia Meeting Book for a total value of $75.00, this set is sure to make you feel like a CEO!

An interview series featuring notable people whose lives intersect with the world of pens. Becca Hillburn is an comic artist and illustrator who loves to use all kinds of media in her artworks.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Becca Hillburn, and I'm an illustrator, comic artist, and art supply blogger. I'm currently living in Nashville, Tennessee, but I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana. The majority of my paying work is freelance illustration for other studios, but I also participate in various collaborations such as comic anthologies and group art projects.

Currently, I'm working on a children's comic inspired by The Borrowers, as well as working with a writer on a children's book about an inventor granny. I also attend a handful of conventions centered around comics or cartoon art and offer my services as an illustrator for hire, as well as a variety of mini comics and knick-knacks. I specialize in creating comics for children and really enjoy creating work for this demographic. I also enjoy completing private commissions for individuals.

New products are in!

It's all about what to have in your everyday carry today. There are pocket notebooks, metallic brush pens, passport holders, erasable color pencils, fountain pens, and more!

April 11, 2014 - Posted by Miriam to Guides

Brush pens are oftentimes the secret behind beautiful script. They're used for everything from writing calligraphy and Chinese characters to creating art. If you can find the right one, a brush pen is more than a tool -- it's an extension of your writing hand.

Though it takes a certain amount of practice and control to use a brush pen, you don't have to be a serious artist or calligrapher to enjoy its virtues. But with more than 40 product lines on our website, we want to help you find the best brush pen for writing script. To see our brush pen recommendations for art, please read part two of this series. Click on the images below for a larger view.