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Converting a standard fountain pen into an eye dropper pen is a favorite project among fountain pen aficionados. It involves filling the fountain pen body with ink (rather than a cartridge) and closing it with a tight seal. This is especially useful for the plastic bodied Kaweco Sport pens, as they are not compatible with any of our fountain pen converters due to their compact size. This conversion will work on most non-vented, plastic fountain pen bodies.

The following easy steps teach you the basics on how to make your very own eye dropper pen using the Kaweco Sport Ice Fountain Pen as an example.

What you need:
A Kaweco Sport fountain pen available at JetPens (you can choose any color, but we recommend to only use the plastic versions), silicon grease, an eyedropper, and a bottle of ink.

Here we used a Kaweco Sport Ice Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Orange Body and J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink - 30 ml Bottle - Diabolo Menthe (Mint Lemonade Green). We found our silicon grease at our local Lowes Hardware store. When shopping for the silicon grease make sure to get one that has enough viscosity to create a good seal.

How to:

1. Disassemble the pen. If the cartridge has already been used, you can use a piece of tape as a seal, to remove the cartridge and store it for future use.

2. Lubricate the threads of the nib section with a thin yet thorough layer of silicon grease. Make sure to fill the entire threaded area to ensure a positive seal.

3. Keep the barrel close to your ink bottle to reduce spills. It is a good idea to fill up the barrel over a non-porous, easy to clean surface, or over some scratch paper at the very least. Fill the barrel with ink up to 0.5 cm below the first set of threads to ensure proper air pressure.

4. Screw your fountain pen back together with the nib facing up. Use firm but not excessive force, as tightening the fountain pen too much may result in a crack.

Use a paper towel to wipe off any excess silicon grease that squeezes its way out.

5. To get the ink flow going, we advise to store the pen capped and nib side down for a few minutes. How quickly this occurs is an interesting characteristic of the ink; some inks require no shaking and some a minute or two.

Congratulations! You have made your very own eyedropper fountain pen, now you are ready to write! Your Kaweco should go quite a while before needing to be refilled.

Please keep in mind that over time, your seal may adjust or wear out. You will want to be attentive to your eyedropper pen, and make sure to store it with care. This should prevent any possible leaking and subsequent damage to your clothes!
May 23, 2011 - Posted by Shu to Pen Perks

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Here at JetPens we always accumulate a lot of opened samples. They're in great condition, but might not be in their original packaging, etc. We want to give them a new home through our blog! Today, we're giving our viewers a chance to win one opened Pilot Fure Fure BeatNic 2 Color 0.7 mm Ballpoint Mutli Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Black Body from our samples bin.

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May 20, 2011 - Posted by Elizabeth to Pen Pics

Every month JetPens highlights a customer who is also an artist that uses JetPens products. This month we are happy to feature Shawn Granger. If you know of an artist that you'd like to see featured on JetPics, please email us at

Shawn has been creating comic books since 2006 under the publisher name of King Tractor Press . His most notable work is the book series Innocent & Family Bones . He usually acts as a writer, but storyboards for his scripts whenever possible (He graduated with his BFA from Atlanta College of Art.)

Give us a little insight as to how you use our JetPens products in your illustrations.

I use a big assortment of mechanical pencils and pens I get from Uni-ball Kuru Toga Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencil - Original Series, Pentel Graphgear 500 & 1000 Drafting Pencils, Zebra Drafix Drafting Pencils, Uni-ball Leadholders & Lead Refills (I LOVE the Mitsubishi 2mm leads and the .5 blue leads), Pentel Pocket Brush Pen for Calligraphy, Pilot Drawing Pens, and Sakura Pigma Micron Drawing Pens, Copic Markers. I just started using the Pilot Drawing Pens and they're a new favorite. The below buttons were colored with Copic markers and Photoshop. As you can see, I like to have a variety of tools so that I've got whatever I'm feeling. I even carry my pencils in a black Nomadic Upright Stand Pencil Case.

These horror buttons are a way for me to get my feet wet and work towards starting my first graphic novel in which I'll write and draw.

Thanks for sharing these awesome buttons with us Shawn!