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April 25, 2011 - Posted by Elizabeth to Pen Pics

Here is the latest listing of our favorite customer pictures uploaded to our Flickr and Facebook groups from the month of April!

Picture 1 from Eric: How cool is it to have every size available in the Pentel Graphgear 1000 drafting pencils!
Picture 2 from Alexa: A lovely drawing using different colored pens to make pretty strands behind the "JetPens."
Picture 3 from Paolo: Look at this awesome pen collection! So many different colors in the Sakura Gelly Roll gel pens, Zebra Sarasa Push Clip gel ink pens, Pentel Sliccis and more!
Picture 4 from Suzie: A great piece of fan art, featuring our own JetDa and JetDo!
Picture 5 from Torry: One of the coolest postcards we've seen, using the Pilot Choose Gel Ink Pen - 0.7 mm - White over a photo.

Did you know that you can use the Pentel Sliccies Gel Ink Multi Pen Ink Cartridges inside a Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1 multi pen? Well you can, and JetPens is here to show you how! For this example, we are replacing the red and green Dr. Grip ink components with Slicci 0.3 mm Pink and 0.4 mm Lime Green ink cartridges. First, you want to take the Dr. Grip 4+1 apart by unscrewing the barrel from the grip area. Pull out the ink cartridges that you want to replace with Slicci ink. It helps to hold the corresponding tab for the ink tube you are trying to remove, for added stability. Before you install the Slicci ink cartridges, you want to remove the plastic piece at the top of each Slicci ink tube with a pair of pliers. Once you have removed all of those little plastic pieces, you can press the Slicci ink cartridges into the available tubes inside the Dr. Grip 4+1. Reassemble the pen once you have installed all your replacement Slicci inks, and you're ready to go!
April 22, 2011 - Posted by Elizabeth to Multi Pens

Sometimes, you need to go from writing in black ink to writing with pencil, and maybe onto red ink, all in minutes. Multi pens are a great way to have multiple writing tools at your disposal, all wrapped up in the convenience of one pen body. We have compiled a list of our top 10 multi pens with different features, in no particular order, featured below.

The Pentel Sliccies Gel Ink Multi Pens are very customizable, allowing you to choose from a variety of gel ink colors in both 0.3 mm and 0.4 mm sizes. The pen bodies are sold separately from the ink components, and the 2 color version is available with or without a mechanical pencil component pre-installed.

The Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi Pens are another highly customizable line of multi pens. Not only can you choose from a variety of ink colors and line widths in the famously smooth Hi-Tec-C gel ink, but mechanical pencil and stylus components are also available. The pen bodies come in 3, 4 and 5 color capacities and the components are sold separately. For installation tips, please see the corresponding Penpedia article.

The Zebra Sharbo X Multi Pen System is our high-end multi pen line, which is also very customizable. The pen bodies come in a variety of styles and finishes and are sold separately from the ink components. Every pen body requires a mechanical pencil component, as the lead tube inside is not removable. You can choose from ballpoint, gel ink, as well as stylus components and 3 different pencil point sizes. The Sharbo X also features an ultra-smooth rotating mechanism which gives it a sleeker and more refined look than its tabbed multi pen rivals.

The Platinum Double 3 Action Transparent Body multi pens also have a rotating mechanism to select the different components. These multi pens come with black and red ink, as well as a mechanical pencil component, and blue ink refills are also available. They come in several different colors, and the transparent bodies give this multi pen a cool, fun look.

The Rotring Tikky 3 in 1 2 Color Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil is available in two different body colors and includes a black ink, red ink, and 0.5 mm mechanical pencil in one. Select the different components, hold the pen horizontally with the desired instrument name facing upward, and click. Internal weight mechanisms change the pen setting automatically!

The Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1 multi pens take the all time American favorite Dr. Grip and make it into a 4+1 function instrument! Includes black, red, blue, green ballpoint pens and a 0.5mm mechanical pencil, and is designed to relieve writing stress and fatigue, and is recommended by the American Arthritis Foundation for Ease-of-Use.

The Uni-ball Jetstream Ballpoint Multi Pen Series gives you the ever-popular Jetstream ink which is specially formulated to have good ink flow, density and color pigment that dries quickly. The multi pens with a pencil components are available in 2 different body styles, and an all ink version is also available.

The Uni-ball Alpha Gel 2 Color 0.7 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil includes one 0.7 mm black ballpoint pen, one 0.7 mm red ballpoint pen, and a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, but does not include an eraser. The squishy grip of the Alpha Gel is filled with silicon gel that is famous for keeping an egg from breaking even when dropped from a 5ft height, and will soothe your tired hands with extra squishy softness.

The Zebra Surari 4 Color Emulsion Ink Multi Pens includes a black, blue, red and green Surari ink pen in one multi-pen body. These pens feature the new Emulsion ink from Zebra, which combines the best qualities of a ballpoint and gel ink pen. It has the smoothness of an oil-based ballpoint ink pen but features the vibrant colors of a gel ink pen, and is also smear-proof and water resistant.

The Zebra Sarasa Gel Ink Multi Pens write the same beautiful gel lines like the rest of the Sarasa family, but in a multi pen form! These pens are available with or without a pencil component, and features a binder clip that can be used to clip the pen onto thicker objects without fear of breakage.

April 22, 2011 - Posted by Elizabeth to Fountain Pens, Gel Ink Pens, Ballpoint Pens

When you are on the go, it is nice to have access to a writing instrument when you need to jot something down quickly. The team at JetPens has made a list of our best compact sized pens, which are perfect for carrying in your pocket or purse.

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pens
These fountain pens have a great compact size when capped, but extend to a comfortable writing size when posted. They are available in a variety of colors and finishes, with plastic or aluminum bodied versions.

Ohto Rook Fountain Pens
Another small sized fountain pen, the Ohto Rook has a soft shape displaying a beautiful symmetry of form.

Ohto Needle-Point Cap Ballpoint Pens
These pens are part of another great compact pen series from Ohto, and they fit perfectly into a purse or planner.

Ohto Tasche Line
The Tasche Line is another great design from Ohto, and is available in a few different formats. The fountain pen, roller ball, ballpoint and mechanical pencil form all have the same convenient compact shape.

Lamy Pico Pocket Size Extendable Ballpoint Pens
These neat looking ballpoint pens from LAMY do not have a cap so they are very convenient for grabbing your pen simply clicking the end to start writing.

Ohto Needle-Point Slim Line Ballpoint Pens
Though these Ohto ballpoint pens are not short, they are very slim and great for tucking into a notebook or planner.

Pilot Birdy Stainless Steel Body Mini Ballpoint Pen
These are tiny little pens that are not only short, but very slim as well. They fit great in a pocket or even a wallet, just make sure not to lose them!

Zebra Mini Ballpoint Pen
Another tiny pen great for your wallet or planner.

Zebra Minna Mini Ballpoint Pens with Japanese Print
These pretty Zebra pens are great for keeping in your purse. Each pen has a strip of decoration which is actually Japanese paper! The cap can be posted on the back of the pen for writing comfort.

Zebra Penpod Mini Keychain Pens
These miniature pens are great for quick writing needs, and can latch on to cell phones, purses, key chains and more!

Pilot Pockel Mini Gel Ink Pens
If you prefer gel ink pens, these are just the thing for you! Perfect for quick note-taking or list-making, these pens come in 10 different colors and have smooth, non-skipping ink inside.

April 22, 2011 - Posted by Elizabeth to Gel Ink Pens, Ballpoint Pens

Since we have already compiled a list of our fine point pen recommendations, it seems only fair to provide a list of our pens with a broad point, because sometimes you just want a thick line.

The Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Pens are known for their smooth writing and opaque ink.

The Dong-A Anyball Ballpoint Pens are available in a few different broad sizes ranging from 1.0 mm - 1.6 mm.

The Uni-ball Power Tank Ballpoint Pens are designed to write in extreme conditions including wet surfaces, cool temperatures, and even upside down. Available in 0.7 mm and 1.0 mm size, in red, blue and black ink.

The Rotring Tikky Ballpoint Pens feature colorful, nonslip, dual material grips with an ergonomic wave design, and robust metal clips.

The Pilot Envelope Address Writing Gel Ink Pens have an oil based gel ink that dries super fast and produces very dark and shiny lines.

The Pilot BPS-GP Extra Broad Ballpoint Pens have an oil-based ink with a new formula, that is considered by some to be the smoothest ballpoint pen ink available.

The Ohto Fude Ball Roller Ball Pens are actually ball pens made to write like brush pens, and produce a lusciously thick line.